5 steps to messy undone curls

Wednesday 15 April


Messy undone curls

5 steps to messy undone curls.

This is the start to a 3 post hair series I shot with my stylist Sarah at The House of Blond. Hair is a never ending story for all girls, it is either to straight to curly or to frizzy and we always want what we dont have. I actually have really curly and frizzy hair to begin with. It is neither here nor there so I have to always have a hair routine to make it look anything like I like it to. There are so many hair tutorials on getting messy curls but they always start with a base that is straight hair. So I thought I would share some steps on how to go from frizzy curly to that perfect messy beachy hair. Cause even that needs work. We don’t wake up like that.

HairHair Product

1. Comb through your wet hair with some hydrating smoothing product in it.

I like to use Kevin Murphy, Smooth Again. It is hydrating, but not to oily or heavy and really brings out the shine. For us, curly haired frizzy girls, we need something that will also protect our tresses from drying out. Especially cause we use a lot of heat styling tools to give it the perfect look. This product gives it shine and smooths the frizz all together.

Blow Dry

2. Blow dry from top to bottom, never from the bottom up.

A tip from the stylist, blow dry with your blow dryer facing down. It minimizes the volume you already have, I definitely already have, which is why I do anything to fight against it. Dry with the blow dryer always facing down, it keeps the hair from gaining that voluminous momentum, and helps stop the little break aways from facing out instead of down.

Curls Curls Curls

 3. Use the curling wand to curl always away from your face.

The trick to the messy curls is not just curling them, but also how long you let them sit before messing them up. So start around your face and work your way back to the crown. Always curl away from your face and possibly mix it up on the side or back once or twice to make the messiness more believable. I love my curling wand, it is the 25mm curling wand by Aria Beauty. Leave the bottom inch out of the curling wand, again it adds to the messy effect. Let the curls sit tight for a second.

Hair How to

4. Add some hair spray to each curl while they are still tight

For this messy undone look, building on the texture makes all the difference. So while the curls are tight, grab each one at the bottom and spray a little hair spray on them from the bottom up. I love this Kevin Murphy hair spray, it is not sticky or heavy it just does what it needs to, make it look like you just woke up like this.

Comb Curls

5. Now use a texture comb to break up those perfect curls

The comb through is important, like a science. Use a comb with wide and big “teeth”, this is what keeps your curls loose and also keeps the frizz down and the fly aways tame. Only comb through the bottom half of your hair. No need for to much of it you still want to keep the curls. Now, build on it as much as you want. Go back to step 3 and repeat as needed, then use your fingers to work through the curls the way you want them to be. Voila!

Messy undone curls Hair product Hair

 Now just add some oil. 

When your waves are looking perfectly beachy and ready to go, add some treatment oil to make sure there will be no frizz and add that extra bit of shine. Don’t take the oil to far up usually just the bottom tips do the trick. I love the Kevin Murphy, Young Again.


Enjoy your undone beachy waves! Ps: Day two is even better so don’t even wash your hair. 

Welcome to my hair routine! After trying so many different techniques, tricks and products, this routine has turned out to be the perfect combination that I now follow and complete in 30min. Day two and even three just gets better and better. The Kevin Murphy line also has the perfect dry shampoo, yep its perfect to extend your perfect do another day while still looking amazing.  Stay tuned, for an expert tip on how to keep the curls messy, without even using heat styling again. Thanks to Sarah at The House of blond for all the tips and tricks that make my hair what it is now and Viranlly for the photos.


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