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Friday 07 August


Festival Style

Festival Fever has struck.

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Top, Skirt, Sandals and Backpack from TOPSHOP

Ready set Squamish Music Fest! First day is today, so make sure to follow along via, instagram and snapchat: tobruckave. I will also be taking over the Topshop Canada social media, so make sure to tune in for the full festival fever experience. Here are 6 things that you need in your backpack for easy survival of festival fever:

1. Back up charger

2. Sunglasses / Sunglass case

3. Lipbalm

4. Water bottle

5. A bandana

6. Makeup Bag

If there is rain in the forecast, which there is, bring rain boots and a rain jacket, its easy to make those look cute too, add some colorful socks and a hat, it does the trick and you will also feel better with dry feet, trust me. Again speaking of style, the seventies is still working in my favor, this skirt has been a go to all summer but it is even more so a perfect match for a day on the festival grounds. If you are heading there, what are you most excited about. Photos by Aaron Schwartz


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