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Friday 13 November


Classic Slim UGG

Introducing the new classic slim UGG®, little bit slimmer and taller perfect for a day in the mountains, just my kind of Soul Hug.

UGG® Classic Slim boot Classic Slim UGG® Soul Hug Bear A Gold E Jeans Soul Hug UGG® Top Shop Vest UGG® Fringe Vest Aritzia Jacket

Introducing the new Classic Slim UGG®

Denim by A Gold E, Turtleneck by Joes, Jacket from Aritzia, Fringe Vest by Top Shop

Tis the season to be snuggling with your loved one, cuddling with your dog or adventuring into the mountains for some crisp fresh air. Fall and the holidays come with such amazing feelings of warmth, surprising since the weather is not at fault for that but somehow embracing the cold means keeping warm. To keep cozy this season I always reach for my UGG®, the newest classic slim fits are my current favorite, in this grey that absolutely matches everything, including my sweatpants.. Living in Vancouver the great out doors is within close reach, it is where I get the food for my soul, fresh mountain air can help me recharge for a busy week ahead or lets face it the busy weeks behind us as well. Embracing some cozy and quite time with your own thoughts is imperative to my sanity for the holidays, which is why when UGG® asked me to #HUGITOUT, I decided to make my hug be a #SoulHug. This is what my #SoulHug looks like, escaping into the fresh air with my toasty warm feet, cozy jacket and scarf. Soaking in the winter sunshine or hopefully soon some snowflakes in the mountains feels like a big hug to my soul. I can then head back to the city feeling cozily recharged and ready for the holiday and city life hustle. Finding a way to create a little #SoulHug for yourself during the holidays is important, if you have the chance to escape to nature, do that, if not, yoga works for me as well. Or even a hand and hand stroll with your lover your family or a best friend. Keep warm this season babes and let me know what your kind of #SoulHug looks like if you wish, in the comments below. Photos by Allison Kuhl



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