6 ways to protect your Skin this Summer

Wednesday 11 May


Protect your Skin

5 ways to protect your skin from the sun this summer.

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Summer and sunshine is oh so lovely. But we do need to take care of our skin while worshiping those gold rays of sunshine. I recently had the chance to chat to my lovely skin guru, Lisa at The Skin Girls and get some insider tips on how we can protect our skin this summer because turns out. Glowing skin is always in! Besides talking sun protection, I have been working with The Skin Girls on get some extra glow to my skin. I have very unclear skin and have struggled with it for a long time I am slowly working towards my goal of being able to go without make up to the grocery store. Haha… so blog post coming soon on my #RealSkinStory. But for now lets talk sun protection as that is one way to keep your skin looking young. Did you know that you can get a sunburn even when it is overcast. Those UV raise go right through over cast!

Here are some tips on how to protect your skin this summer courtesy of The Skin Girls

1. Wear a minimum of SPF 30 every day no matter what our suggestion is TIZO spf30 (also Kylie Jenners sunscreen of choice)

2. Reapply sunscreen every 2 – 3 hours, made easy with Colorscience tinted moisturizer

3. Wear lip balm with SPF (Lip Gloss is actually really bad, it reflects the sun and makes things worse) – We suggest, Berts Beez

4. Looking for a drug store alternative sunscreen, look for Zinq based NOT alcohol

5. If you do get a burn or too much sun use coconut oil to replenish your skin. We suggest Kopari Coconut Oil

6. Use withinUs  TruMarine Collagen to preemptively combat fine lines caused by to much sun. I put it in my night time tea, which I just shared on snapchat

Also, just dont go in the sun with your face. Protect your precious skin with a hat, sunglasses and just staying in the shade. With all these summer skin hacks you should be all set to keep your skin glowing throughout. Lets “face” it ladies a burn is just not pretty and neither is leathery skin in a few years so lets follow these easy steps to protect our skin.


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