5 Travel tips to an unforgettable Iceland experience

Friday 18 November



Iceland Travel Tips

5 Travel tips for an unforgettable Iceland trip. You know it is on your bucket list so take note and stay tuned for more, this is just the beginning of Iceland on TobruckAve.

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Iceland! Has been my most talked about trip I have ever been on, as well as one of the places that totally blew my mind. I had no idea what to expect but as soon as I landed at the Keflavik Airport I knew it was a special place. Iceland has the power to magically draw you an all new picture of what it is like to be on this Earth. And how much power and rawness mother nature actually has. The valleys are formed by volcanoes and glacier rivers. The sand on the beach in Vik is black, the waves reminded me of Lions majestically attacking the beaches in a powerful yet incredibly impressive way. The Northern lights are a story in itself, I learnt all about the solar storms and witnessed a huge one myself, where we caught ourselves just screaming out loud in the middle of the highlands not taking our eyes off the sky. What a crazy experience I will never forget. We were lucky enough to be there on a job filming for the newest launch of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, see the video they published here if you are interested in drones! So we were on a guided tour of the country by a incredibly talented local photographer @DonalBoyd. Besides road tripping along the golden circle here are a few experiences that made my trip life changing that might be helpful when planning your next trip to Iceland. But first, a fun fact, there are no Polar bears or Ice bears in Iceland, in fact there are no animals you need to be afraid of.

5 Travel tips to a life changing trip to Iceland

1. Hire a local tour guide that will take you and your friends to all the spots you dream of experiences in real life, that you have seen online or on instagram. My recommendations are Donal Boyd and Benjamin Hardman. They offer a daily fee so you can choose how many days you dream to be taken to the unimaginable edges of the world. They come with the best vehicle a Defender and know all the spot off the beaten path. DO NOT – rent a small car and choose to drive through rivers, just because there is a road that.

2. Travel to Iceland during late September or early October that way you miss the crowds at the “popular” spots. There were a few people still but completely on a different level than when we visited the Alberta Rocky Mountains, were we encountered an insane amount of people at all the pretty locations. That time of year is also the beginning of the Northern Lights! Of course dont quote me, its still mother nature so completely unpredictable, but we experienced them in full force every night. Also, going during this time allows you to book bed and breakfast spots the day of travel, so you are free to change your plans or make plans the day of. Which is always very liberating.

3. Off the beaten path X tourist traps mix both destinations for a well rounded Iceland experience. Like I said hire someone local for 2 days that can show you the places to discover that nobody else knows about. Dont shy away from the tourist spots, they are just as impressive and will be the locations people ask you about after your visit! Stay tuned for a post on our exact destinations shortly. We had a well rounded mix as well.

4. Spend at least 24 hours in Reykjavik to ease your way into Iceland. Plan to spend your first 24 hours in their capital city where you will be blown away by how incredibly cool the city is. From boutiques to super trendy restaurants, hotels and a bustling city center this city impressed me almost as much as the island itself. The rest of your trip will not relate to the experience you have in the city, but should also not be missed.

5.  Dress the part, even though it is only Fall, dress warm. Bring layers, the sun can shine but watching the Northern Lights at midnight is freezing cold and you dont want to miss the show because you cant handle the chills due to your denim jacket. I was boarder line prepared. Clever layering saved me but next time I would opt for a parka over three layers of Fall ready coats. Also, pack less, traveling in Iceland means you will be staying at a different Bed And Breakfast every night, so a heavy suitcase and million changes of clothes are just going to slow down your adventure mode.

Leaving Iceland is not easy, the only thing that makes it acceptable to not want to somehow start your new life there is the very clear thought of return as soon as possible! Stay tuned for another post on places to stay and destinations to visit. 



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