7 things to know before traveling to Cuba

Tuesday 20 December


Show me your Mumu Swim

7 things you need to know before traveling to Cuba. Other than remembering to bring your bikini.

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Cuba has a certain kind of magic. The perl white sandy beaches the pink rose sunsets and the unmistakable time capsule experience that include colorful old walls and perfectly vintage cars. Last month my friend Cara (A fashion love affair) and I went to Cayo Santa Maria! We had an amazing time relaxing by the pool and beach and embracing the time capsule that is set by the country. All the things that are flash backs to the 50’s for us are still very real to this country. Its an interesting dynamic to experience in person. On one hand it is the perfect place to escape on the other it creates an eye opening experience on appreciating what we take for granted.  Our experience lead to me learning a few things about visiting the country that I want to share so you guys can plan your trip so you can have the best time possible while there.

7 things you need to know before visiting Cuba

1. Bring cash! The country does not operate on Credit Cards and Debit cards. There will most likely be an exchange in your hotel when you arrive, but maybe make sure of that before leaving as well. There are 2 types of currencies in Cuba, CUC is the one used for tourists, locals use Cuban Pesos.

2. Be prepared for no WiFi! Wifi is new in Cuba so the time capsule and WiFi struggle is real. The way to outside communication is, designated areas with WiFi, where you purchase 1 hour internet cards. Also, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

3. Learn a few words in Spanish! I have never experienced such a language barrier before. Not every one can speak the language even in the service industry.

4. American Credit cards do not work at all, so again, bring cash OR bring a Cuba VISA gift card.

5. Book tours with Nexus. Book tours to travel and discover Cuba outside of your hotel with a tour group like Nexus before you go there.

6. Bring snacks. There is a lack of snacks in Cuba, let me be more specific: chips, nuts, chocolate, what ever you crave in between meals. Bring them with you.

7. Tipping is accepted and encouraged in CUC

8. The roads seem safe and drivable, I drove basically across the entire island.

I love traveling and experiencing newness, Cuba was really new for me. To be 100% honest, it isn’t the most easiest place to travel to without knowing about these things before heading there, so I hope they answer a few of your travel questions, other than that, load up on the Caribbean sunshine and rum! Our hotel the Valentine Perla Blanca is an all inclusive, most are that are outside of Havana itself! Our resort was about 2 hours away from the Cayo Santa Maria airport. The beaches at this hotel are untouchable, beautiful white sand with rocks and little hide aways to enjoy a wifi free beach day! Embrace simplicity in Cuba and you will have the best time ever. Loved the local beer and loved the trip to local town Remedios, the most colorful amazing streets and old cars are all there, actually even a bit more accessible than Havana.



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