Iceland off the beaten path

Tuesday 10 January


Iceland off the beaten path

Discover Iceland off the beaten path. Watch the “AWAKEN” video and the stills from our trip there this September. From the Gracier Lagoon to the volcanic highlands. This is my number one destination from 2016, Iceland.

Iceland Travel Diary Off the beaten path in Iceland

Shores of Kleifarvatn.

Iceland off the beaten path "Awaken" Video

Lighthouse near Reykjanes Peninsula

Iceland Travel DiaryLandmannalaugar Iceland

The painted mountains of Landmannalaugar

Glacier Lagoon Iceland Iceland Defender roadtripIceland Cave

Secret cave near Dyrhólaey.

Iceland Travel Diary Off the beaten path Iceland

An old 4×4 track in the area of þakgil.

Vik Iceland

Views from the lighthouse outside of Vìk

Roadtrip IcelandNorthn Lights Iceland Iceland Off the beaten path

The shores of Kleifarvatn

Seljalandsfoss Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, that waterfall you can walk behind.

Volcano Hekla

Road to Mount Hekla

Layers of Nature Iceland

A mountain and river moment on the way to: Landmannalaugar

Iceland Travel Diary Iceland Sunset in the Highlands

A secret location near Landmannalaugar in the Highlands of Iceland.

Icelandic Pony

Icelandic ponys outside of Geysir

Glacier Lagoon Iceland

The unmistakable, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Iceland travel Diary

On the way to the Volcano Huts in the Dörsmörk Valley (aka the valley of Thor)

Iceland off the beaten pathIceland Travel Diary

Stills shot by Donal Boyd, Mike and Myself. 

“AWAKEN” Film by Mike Bishop aerial captures by Mike Bishop and Donal Boyd

2016 was a year of travel. Discovering places that have been on my explore list and even places I didn’t even know where on the list until I touched down. Iceland was one of these places. As soon as I touched down at the Reykjavik Airport I knew something magical was awaiting us. The answer to the question: Where was your favorite destination in 2016 is without doubt Iceland. Off the beaten path and even next to the main free way is where the gems and ultimate nature attractions lie.

We were so lucky to have a job that took us to the island. A team of local photographers and professional adventurers took us to undiscovered locations and to those that everyone wants to lay their eyes on as seen in the many photos captured on this island. Mike was there filming for a project for DJI and I was just along for the ride as “The Adventure Girl” lucky me. Our days were long starting at sunrise until late night chasing the Northern Lights and the Aurora’s in the most epic locations in the Highlands and near Vik. We checked into our bed & breakfasts at 3am and left at 6am to tackle the next 4×4 path that took our Defender to places that looked more like from a Loard of the Rings movie then real life. We stayed at a place calle the Volcano Huts in the Valley of Dörsmörk, the way to get there was driving through 6 rivers! Only the most epic adventurers can make it.

Revealing the location list which I also noted below each photo above:

1. Dörsmörk Valley

2. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

3. Geysir

4.  Landmannalaugar

5. Mount Hekla

6. Drive from Vik through the Highlands to Geysir

7. Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss

8. Vìk and the Black sand beach as well as the lighthouse

9. Dyrhólaey and a secret cave

10. Lake Kleifarvatn

11. þakgil an old 4×4 track

12. Light house by Reykjanes Peninsula

The Iceland is rich with history, you can look down a valley and almost feel how much power the earth had to create the view that you are staring at with complete awe. Volcanic rocks meet the skies and the glaciers that have been formed by weather, earth movement and time. Our guide and incredible photographer Donal was like an dictionary of knowledge when it came to every single location, volcano and lake that we encountered. Listing every place we explored wasn’t even easy as some shots were captured and found by our group for the very first time. Watch the video and you will get to lay eyes on places we discovered, let it take you off the beaten path of the glacial landscape of Iceland. If you have any questions on locations comment below or of course send me an email, I will do my best to answer, as I know you will want to plan your next trip to Iceland after watching “AWAKEN”.


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