The year of the Girl Gang

Friday 13 January


Girl Gang Tee

2016 was no doubt the year of the Girl Gang. Strength in numbers between females are more popular than ever before. Lets make 2017 even stronger.

Eleven Paris Outfit Levis Denim from Shopbop Girl Gang Tee worn by Kiara Willow and Clay Eleven Paris Girl Gang TeeFashion Blogger Kiara Hair by Chris Weber Girl Gang Tee Levis Jeans Willow and Clay Vest Girl Gang Tee by Eleven Paris

Tee by Eleven Paris, Vest by Willow and Clay , Jeans by Levis, Boots by Chinese Laundry

Photos by Aaron Schwartz

2016 was no doubt the year of the Girl Gang. I love the idea of girls uniting and finding strength in numbers to conquer life together rather than apart or even against each other. The popularity of girls standing together is one I welcome, I always truly believe there is space for every female to succeed in any industry, wether it is fashion, politics, service, flying to the moon or running a house hold, together everything is easier and more happily achieved as there is always someone to talk to, and lets face it, we like to talk. It helps us move forward rather than backward. A Girl Gang being a popular choice or trend

In celebration of making 2017 another year of girls standing strong and together helping each other grow, inspiring each other listening and loving each other so we can each prosper, I have scoured a few of my favorite sites and found us some tee’s like this Eleven Paris, Girl Gang tee so we can all represent. Gift your favorite girl gang member something in the name of you two being a team just for fun, not because its a Birthday or Christmas, lets spread some love to those who matter in your life!

Today is my Moms birthday, she is no doubt part of my girl gang, considering how much she supports everything I do and is always there to listen, talk or stand strong when I need her to. She deserves a Girl Gang acknowledgment. Tell me about your girl gang, share this with your babes and lets talk about taking over the world together. Interestingly enough, this post was inspired by the most talked about “Bro-Mance” on earth right now, Biden + Obama! Be inspired by them, share your own medals in your own way to people that uplift you.Happy FriYay.



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