7 things to do in Barbados

Wednesday 15 February


Visit Barbados

7 things to do in Barbados. While vacationing the Caribbean way.


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Special thanks to The Crane Hotel and Barbados Tourism

The Caribbean is a destination that comes to mind when you think of the perfect beach escape. The clear blue waters and white sand are the postcard for the Caribbean lifestyle. I went to this little zone in the perfect ocean three times last year. Cayman Islands, Barbados and Cuba. Each island so distinctly different yet they all have one detail in common. Beach and Ocean. There is no doubt that the vacation in Barbados lies on the beach and in the water as well. What extends beyond that is the spirit of the locals that is island life at its finest. Friendly smiles and a laid back lifestyle along with the signature colorful buildings and coconut sales on the side of the road.

Top 7 things to do in Barbados.

1. Stay at The Crane. Treat yourself to the Barbados beach of your dreams.

2. Take a Catamaran or Boat excursion go snorkling and do not miss the chance to see the turtles. The action is in the water on this island you will not regret getting your hair wet for this experience.

3. Spend the day at Carlisle Beach and wander over to Bridgetown

4. Eat breakfast at Coffee Barbados Cafe

5. Go on a Catamaran day trip. Here is one that goes from Bridgetown that is so fun.

6. Eat lunch at Sahara Arabic Grill, it is the perfect spot to fuel up after the beach. Honestly one of the best Falafels I have ever had. It is just a small local spot easily missed but here is the link for your list of places to go.

7. Drink lots of coconut water!

Other than these tips, relaxing should be number one on the to do list. This spot is the perfect place to unplug and just be in sync with yourself and the beach life that most of us do not get to enjoy on the daily. Let me know if you have any questions regarding travel tips to Barbados!



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