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Monday 06 February

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Love Stories

Sharing my own unique thoughts on Love and what actually makes up the Love Stories.


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Love Story. What is love? I’ve been faced with asking myself that question lately. Is it the purest form of feeling a certain way towards someone or is it simply something we deeply dream of and try most of our lives to make come true? I honestly can say I am not sure which side of the word love I should lean towards right now. I know we all have been through our fare share of heart break, we all have stories that scar our hearts and souls for what feels like might last for an eternity.

One thing I am sure of though, is that love is made up of a lot of small bits and pieces that all come together in a magical way to create something that in my mind looks like a molecule (the meaning behind the tattoo I have). I think that molecule can look differently every time it is created by two human beings, there is no one way to love or to feel love, there is no right or wrong when it comes to this word. But we all need it, love is a necessity to human kind, like the air we breath, we desire to give it and receive it, in which ever shape or form it may come.

So how crazy is it when you strike the lottery and you create that unique molecule with that one person and everything seems to fall into place, not that it is easy from then on out, but i certainly believe that together the fight for happiness is easier than alone. The odds are entirely against a fairytale ever becoming real life. But, what if your own unique version of love is actually your own fairytale and we are to caught up in a stereotype to realize that we we have is in fact perfect in its very own way?

I mean, with all the people on earth how does “you + me” even happen, with all these attributes that nobody can pin down to a “t” on how love actually functions, the odds are so small to achieve perfection but we all believe in it anyway. Which actually makes me trust in the power of what we believe in even more. Humans are endless believers. (Not beliebers,LOL). Even more important we all need it, which is why no matter which way you twist it, the most important thing in our lives besides the air we breath is in fact “Love”.

Like the word itself there are endless lovestories to be shared and every ones is different in fact even within a couple I am sure each entity would tell you a different story of the same relationship. That is how much of a unmeasurable thing love is. Every one has its own road blocks and its own ups and downs but in the end what creates that bond together is your own unique molecule that belongs just to you two and to no one else and that is what we should believe is our fairytale.

The answer to what is love is an endless rambling of emotions and now looking at what I wrote, it wasnt a love story at all. but a string of thoughts that have been present in my life recently. Which I guess does make up my unique lovestory. Instead of focusing on celebrating “Valentines Day” this year, focus on celebrating your unique “you+me” you have created with your person. Write down your story for safe keeping, because lets face it, no matter what, one day it will be nice to read what you wrote on the day you celebrated your very own molecule, which in conclusion now became your very own fairytale.



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