Valentines Day Date ideas

Monday 13 February


NBD Bomber

Todays special edition of Top 5 Style turns to love, in celebration of Valentines Day.

Here are 5 date ideas for you and your better half to embrace this Vday.


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The pressures of Valentines Day date ideas are real. But lets take out the stero types and just embrace the love. Wether it is a date society forces on us or not, ideas on how to spend the day of love with your significant other are kind of important. Even if the idea is nothing but a movie date in PJs, anything is special as long as it is quality time. Hey and maybe you both will enjoy some special quality time so much you will find new appreciation in date night and make it a weekly thing, because lets face it, one love day a year is just not enough. OK since I am a hopeless romantic I am going to take a stab at my top 5 date ideas that maybe you will be able to make use of and if you do, I want to hear all about it, well most of it anyway!

5 Valentines Day date ideas that wont break the bank

1. Kick it back old school and have a PJ party. I mean fully commit to the 90s where there was candy and games involved. Board games such as twister will put a new spin on a stay at home date night. Sharing ice cream out of a bowl and watching a fun movie late night and falling asleep on the living room floor might change everything about your thoughts on a night in.

2. Surprise your hunny at work after lunch with a home made card with a poem you wrote. It does not need to sound like Shakespeare in fact your own words will be more affective. If you wish, add a dinner reservation time and place to the card, so he or she can look forward to your date night all afternoon.

3. If you live together (or not) disappear for an hour and then show up with flowers and a knock on the door, without hesitation hold out your hand and ask your love to just put on shoes and a jacket and invite her or him on a walk. So simple, a stroll along the beach a stroll in your neighbor hood hand in hand. Quality time is worth everything. Stop for tea or wine along the way.

4. If you are feeling a bit more adventures plan something outside. It is winter, lets embrace being cozy and cold and outdoors. Go snowshoeing or snowboarding, both activities will just create time spent together breathing fresh air and thats all that counts.

5. Make something together, if you are not into the one on one dinner dates that are stream lined on VDay. create your own love. By make something I mean, go candle dipping, pottery class or make a beaded bracelet for him and him for her. OK its a bit girly but you can make up for it later! Or create origami flowers together, after a few glasses of wine this becomes not only a sweet moment you share with your significant other but the flowers and cranes you create can contribute to your home decor later on, as a little sentiment.

Ok and if these are not enough I am adding a few last minute little gifts into the mix. Because hey, maybe your love language is gifts and not just quality time or acts of service so make sure you cover all the basis!  I hope this helps or inspires a little bit of love for this day even though it has a bad rep for being stereo typical, I dont believe celebrating love in any way is something w should fight against. Oh hey, also, when in doubt wear a pretty silky dress with some winter layers!


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