48 hours in Whistler with car2go

Friday 17 March


car2go Vancouver

Step into my other car, which happens to be a Benz, thanks to the car2go Vancouver roll out of the CLA and GLA four-door Mercedes vehicles.


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Photos by Allison Kuhl

First let me quickly clarify what car2go is. It is an easy car share service you can operate using your smartphone. There is a fleet of cars here in Vancouver and in some select North American cities that are available to use around the city – whether you’re needing it for a few minutes, an hour or even for a daily rental. Up until now, car2go had smart cars that were perfect for city driving, and even better for parking in small spots. But, maybe not so much for road trips.

Now, thanks to their newest fleet of four-door Mercedes Benz vehicles, a whole new world has opened up for Vancouver’s car2go services. These cars are perfect for either running errands or those day trips that you need a bit more space for, and are available for a daily rental rate of $65-$99, depending on the car2go vehicle you choose. I mean, it is so easy, it is basically like owning your own Benz! Hence their fun hashtag – if you want to explore what people get up to with their new cars, search #MyOtherCarIsABenz on Instagram.

The best thing about these new car2gos? They’re the perfect road trip car –comfortable to the point of luxury and having more space just means you get to go on road trips with friends and longer drives than just city errands.

I took my car2go to Whistler, for a 48-hour stint of escaping the city! I love a good road trip more than the next city girl so you can imagine how excited I am about this upgraded service. We stopped at my favorite place in Squamish to check out the scene by the river and another waterfall I haven’t explored yet called Alexander Falls. We explored until the sun set and just before we were about to freeze, we jumped back into our car, turned the seat heaters ON and drove to our hotel, The Nita Lake Lodge. It is located in Whistler creek side and perfectly positioned looking over Nita Lake. The snow and ice really brought me right back to winter mode and, naturally, we hit up Whistler Blackcomb the next morning, snowboards strapped to our feet. That night we ended our day eating dinner at Aura, the restaurant within the Lodge, as a result of too much relaxation from hot tubs and happy hour.

I usually hate leaving Whistler, but the drive back the next day was part of the experience. Back in our car2go, we went on a roaming ride down an unknown road near Squamish, discovering the coolest street surrounded by trees! It felt very PNW. At the end of our quick, 48-hour road trip, we arrived back in the city after dark, and I felt super refreshed and so inspired by my own city! Vancouver has endless possibilities! Thanks to car2go, I can get out of my own four city blocks so much easier. So, for a limited time, if you are living in Vancouver you can also drive a Benz for only $0.45 cents a minute. Sign up here to hop in and go explore!

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