ECCO cool girl Sneakers

Thursday 16 March


ECCO Cool Girl Sneaker

Cool girl sneaker alert! Ever wonder where to snag your perfect pair of sneakers for Spring? These ECCO Cool 2.0 GTX sneakers are the perfect choice this season, let me tell you why…

Kiara of TobruckAve ECCO sneaker for Spring ECCO Cool 2.0 ECCO sneaker ECCO Cool sneaker Jacket by Express Spring Sneakers by ECCO ECCO Cool Kiara of TobruckAve ECCO Cool girl

Jacket by Express, Jeans by Urban Outfitters, Top by Mango

Sneakers by ECCO

Without categorizing myself as a cool girl, these ECCO, Cool 2.0 GTX sneakers made me feel those exact vibes, while tackling the city and my errands the other day. I am obsessed with the fashionable feature of comfort and style. These sneakers are the perfect addition to your athleisure wardrobe this Spring. So snag yourself the coolest most comfortable sneaker and pair it with your fishnet tights and jeans to elevate the stylo’meter yet maintain comfort on every level, even in the rain.

I am so excited to introduce this new sneaker by ECCOwhich even has a Gore-Tex feature built in. In a non-technical term, Vancouverites, this is the sneaker for you because it keeps your feet cozy and dry from the rain. I have worn these sneakers around town several times now, even took them on a muddy hike through the park and the texture and bright white color have totally maintained their perfection, but just adding a bit of muddy character to the soles. I do a lot of walking, Vancouver is almost better by foot than by car especially downtown so comfortable footwear is essential.

Guys, I love Vancouver and its moody weather, but the rain has got to stop because I honestly am so excited for Spring and for lighter layers, which I am trying to embrace but just keep either freezing my hands or getting my hair wet, so I know I speak for most of us that we are over the cold and the rain and are ready for warmer days, even just less rain will do. Ok thanks. PS, white sneakers rule and I could not have enough


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