Herbal Medicine 101

Saturday 25 March


Herbal Medicine

You thought you knew nothing about herbs, think again. If you drink to you are already in the know.

So excited to share my first experience playing with herbs and plants. Thanks to this workshop hosted by Marisa Marciano at The Good Spirit.

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If you are in Vancouver make sure to check out The Good Spirit and Dr. Marisa Marciano for all things good spirits. 

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So excite about this post as I think it may be the first of many more spiritually guided posts I am going to share on here. Due to some recent events in my life I have had to pour my heart into something that feels like a bit of a higher power. Ive had to start believing in something more magical to help guide me through a bit of a more difficult time in my personal life. Enter spiritual guidance, this does not need to go as deep as stardust and magic. A simple tea ritual, aromatherapy and diving into reading about how herbs and natural sources can be part of our every day lives actually can already do the trick. Simply reading and connecting with herbs, roots and plants and what they can do to help us in our daily lives is insanely interesting. I am naturally really attracted to this type of information, but never really thought of sharing it on here. Weird I know, maybe because it is more related to my personal life and a route I have taken to overcome certain things in my life.

Enter Herb Medicine 101. A good start to not overwhelm your own minds is to learn everything about 10 herbs. So here are the ones I started with thanks to the workshop I took last weekend. With only just a one sentence description, which spoke most to me.

1. Kava Kava

A root found in Fiji that assists in the areas of calming anxiety, irritability and anything mood related.

2. Rose

The beautiful rose. If used in form of an extract you can rub over your heart as a heart opening essence.

3. Cinnamon

A high source of antioxidant and anti inflammatory herb.

4. Ashwaganda

This is a root that can be taken in a powder form and is great for stress management.

5. Angelica

The most feminine promotes strength and femininity and is great for digestion if you intake before you eat as a tincture or tea, although it is a bit bitter.

6. Motherwort

This herb is often used to treat anxiety and high blood pressure

7. Shisandra

This berry if you chew it goes through 5 different tastes and in tea can be used to help stress balance, blood circulation and can be good for Metapause.

8. Damiana

Increases Lybido.

9. Hawthorn

This berry is good for the heart.

10. Chaste Tree Berry

This berry can be used as a hormonal balancing herb.

Since our workshop was all females and we were there to create a heart opening tea and tincture what we learnt about these herbs was generally surrounding female health and well being. OK, let me also quickly explain what a tincture is in my words because I had no idea, until explained. It is a way to extract the constituents from the plants and herbs with alcohol that creates a stronger preparation and potion that you can drip a few drops into water or straight onto your tongue to help with your wellbeing. My tincture I created contains all the herbs that lower anxiety, assist in a heart opening feeling and contains lots of Vitamin C and anti inflammatory properties.

I’ve loved every minute of this new exploration I have become obsessed with. Tea time has taken on a new meaning and believing in something natural to help with certain feelings that I am sure we can all relate to in one way or another also feels really empowering.


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