What bloggers are buying from Urban Outfitters

Monday 20 March


Urban Outfitters top picks

What bloggers are buying this spring from Urban Outfitters. Since I have the inside track, I thought I would share the goodness, so laundry day is never boring.


Blogger Picks from Urban Outfitters Cry Baby TShirt What bloggers are buying

Shop all the newness at Urban Outfitters, Sandals by Miista, Hoops from Urban Outfitters

Photos by Allison Kuhl

If you have been spring cleaning your closet because it is just that time of year then you obviously are going to need to fill up those empty hangers with this Springs newest latest. I happen to have the inside track to all the items that are on the a bloggers most wanted list. Duh.

So This week as my Top 5 Style post I am sharing a few extra cause there are to many items on my Urban Outfitters wish list to highlight just five. Laundry day just got more colorful and filled with denim and fun prints to keep your spring wardrobe interesting.

If I had to highlight my top 5 items these would be it. 

1. A printed over sized Denim Jacket 

2. Striped high rise jeans

3. High waisted bikini bottoms

4. Tie Dye tshirt

5. Translucent Aviator Sunglasses

Bright red, cropped and denim are your key words for spring shopping. Yes of course in addition to your usual floral prints that always seem to make a new found come back, every spring these are the things I am seeing in everyones wish list. Spring is also about fresh starts not just wardrobe make overs. I have been venturing into some fresh things to support my spring fresh beginnings myself. For starters, today I did my first guided meditation. It was an event that was hosted in NYC, Vancouver and all over North America at the same time. A live stream meditation. I really felt the magic spreading as we were all doing our best to find stillness. I find it really difficult to focus. I find myself just constantly trying to get back to not thinking about life. Which apparently is part of the meditation journey. I think I am going to explore these moments of stillness going forward. If you have anything you are starting fresh this Spring, please share! Would love to hear more.

So start with some Spring cleaning, your closet, your room all those things that are collecting dust, add some new favorites to your wardrobe and then also try something new something for the soul! The sunshine will follow, even if it is not in the form of a metaphor and is actually just called Spring.


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