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Monday 01 May


Nike Air Max

The new generation is designing our own lives with the feelings of being empowered from within. The Nike Air Max, gives me the feels that I need to take on a day of anything in our culture of unconventional habits.



Jacket from Urban Outfitters, Top from Urban Outfitters, Pants from Nordstrom

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Photos by Brit Gill

This season blush pink and these Nike Airs are taking the streets by storm. I feel like there is no hotter color that is on the market right now. Which is why it was love at first site when these brand new Nike Air Max kicks caught my eye. Lets chat about the way it feels when you slip on some Nike Air kicks. For me, wearing sneakers as empowering as these are all about the feel along with the look of course. The Air Max is like a cultural force of innovation around the sneaker culture. It is a driving force behind not just wearing a sneaker but also empowering a culture that promotes a certain attitude and movement towards a creative and innovative future. When I think sneaker I always relate it to a mood I am in that day or that moment. There is something about this Air Max that promotes the feeling of empowerment when you wear them. You can take on any challenge any movement and you feel ready to fuel your day with fire to do something out of your comfort zone. Beyond that feeling, Nike Air Max, is just the best when it comes to comfort, cool and fashionably on point , while conveying a certain feeling when you leave the house rocking these kicks. I actually have not worn any of my other runners since acquiring these.

This years Nike Air Max attitude is right on point with the way I am feeling. “Kiss my Airs” is promoting our culture with the vibe of get your life on track with exactly the attitude and determination you are putting into the universe.. I am feeling all kinds of rebellious feelings lately. Really wanting to push the boundaries of creating and innovating and designing my life in exactly the way I want it to fit and feel. Our generation is pushing boundaries every day and I feel so lucky to be part of that. Here is to the future and our generation, which I would categorize as, The unconventional risk takers.

Join the movement and the continued revolution of Airs and also our culture! Shop Nike Airs here.


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