Introducing Tiffany HardWear

Friday 09 June


Excited to be one of the first to introduce the Tiffany HardWear collection. A Strong new design by Tiffany & Co. representing the edge of the NYC streets.


Tiffany HardWear
Tiffany HardWear
The Vancouver Club
Tiffany HardWear

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Shot at The Vancouver Club

Photography by Galen Löfstedt

I feel so honored to get to be part of the launch of another exclusive Tiffany & Co collection. A few years ago I got to shoot the Tiffany T collection which I fell in love with and now the ultimate Tiffany & Co edge is embodied in Tiffany HardWear. The collection is edgy and tells the story of the NYC power woman, aka Lady Gaga. I mean how much cooler and self aware can you get than the Lady herself. It is the ultimate flattery to me when we get approached to shoot something special like this based on the opinion that we put out cool and different content. This statement and the reason why we got to shoot this is my ultimate goal in this “game of thrones”. To be seen as someone who continuously is strong and can embody my own style and vision into just about anything that I do. So thank you Tiffany & Co. for recognizing that and having me be part of this campaign to spread the vision of being strong and with my very own edge. I also love that cool it girls like Zoë Kravitz and Scarlette Johanson have been spotted around town wearing this new collection. They also embody and stand strong on their own style and never vier from it. True style icons. If you are interested in shopping this gorgeous 18k gold and Sterling Silver pieces to up your classic jewelry collection, explore the collection here.

The Vancouver Club was our setting for this shoot and was the perfect backdrop to showcase our vision for the Tiffany HardWear collection. The vintage edge that is intermixed with a luxurious layer is exactly how I interpreted these pieces.

The message to take from their collection is be strong. I stand behind that statement no matter what the situation, the fashion the location the moment. Setting yourself apart from the crowd is being strong, unapologetically being you is being strong.

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