Your ultimate Summer Adventure checklist

Tuesday 18 July


Summer Adventure checklist

Hold up! Summer isn’t over yet, but we are right in the midst of it so before the sun-rays dissipate here is your ultimate summer adventure checklist.


Urban Outfitters Denim

Top from Urban Outfitters, Shorts from Urban Outfitters, Jewelry by Five and Two

Sandals by Sanuk (basically the most comfortable and versatile sandal of the season)

Photos by Brit Gill

Not to create a false sense of urgency here but before Summer is over in just a blink of the eye lets just all be sure we make the most of the long days epic sunsets and hot hot heat that we have before this spinning rock turns all dark and rainy on us again. Are you feeling a bit of urgency now? OK that was kind of the plan, because now I can share with you the ultimate summer adventure check list, which I have also created for myself. 50% are things I have done this summer I love that you must do as well and the rest are on my check list still as well.

Your Ultimate Summer adventure checklist:

1. Go Camping! This is something I have done 2 already this summer in two very different ways and I will be adding on a third in the next week. Glamping in form of an RV, camping in form of the Music festival which I shared with you last week and next up camping in form of lets find a deserted bay on a gulf island and ride there with out bikes!

2. Picnic by the beach. This is an easy one to experience, catch the last sunset rays with a simple little dinner on the beach. We like to include: Chips with a good dip, a pre made salad in a tupperware and a ice cold drink of any kind. Bring a blanket get comfy and take in the sunset skies.

3. Have a pool day, staycation style. Treat yourself to a staycation in a hotel in your city. They always have the best pools and you can enjoy them too. Vancouver’s epic pools include The Fairmont Pacific Rim and the ShangriLa

4. Get on the ocean! Rent a boat or make a friend who has a boat and is ready and keen for a day on the water. Dock in a bay jump in the water have a BBQ off the side of the boat. Yes, OK so I am still in the market for this day myself. Any takers please message me. 🙂

5. Lake goals. Hike to a lake blow up a floaty and float. My preference for this would be a more remote location some lake surrounded by trees in the mountains somewhere.

6. Find an outdoor yoga class! Take advantage of this weather and channel a few things you would usually only do on vacation, like taking a yoga class by the beach. I bet you could easily find that in your own city as well.

7. Have a back yard BBQ with friends. The simple things right! Summer is about outdoors, friends, BBQ’s and bon fires in a safe way of course.

8. Hike. I am not an obssesed hiker BUT what does get me motivated is if I know there is an epic view spot/ waterfall or lake we are hiking towards. Much like the song chasing water falls. Pick a hiking adventure and enjoy the journey.

This checklist is created to make the most out of easily accessible summer adventures. Fine tune if needed! Of course if you have any other suggestions to add feel free to share in the comments below, you know I love to read what your ideas and inspirations are. Happy Summer adventuring babes.


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