Vertical vs Horizontal Beach Waves. Which type of curl are you?

Monday 28 August


Vertical vs Horizontal curls, which type of curl are you? This season it is all about going beyond the messy beach hair to find your favorite curl that is a bit less undone a bit more ready for Fall structure. It all starts with the product and my choice is John Frieda®’s Brilliant Brunette® Multi tone Revealing Collection and the Frizz Ease® Dream Curls® Collection.

Is Fall the end to effortless beach waves? It does not have to be and here is why! We can now easily transform our wavy beach hair with those little sun kissed spots to a bit more of a structured Fall-ready, this means business, curl. I am so excited to have teamed up with John Frieda Canada to show you exactly how I, first take my beach hair into fall mode using a curling iron … and second how I am making my brilliant brunette shine last longer than ever before.

Disclaimer, I am talking specifically to those babes that struggle sometimes to tame their frizzy mane. John Frieda Canada has the perfect products within the Frizz Ease® Dream Curls® collection, that will help you create a style you want with confidence and fully claim those pretty curls in the exact way you want them. Soft, controlled, well hydrated with a boosted shine as the cherry on top! That shine is one of the benefits we get being brunettes. I use the Frizz Ease Dream Curls collection religiously as I feel like it combats all the difficult moments I have with my hair, which is naturally frizzy and curly, yeah I know nobody really see’s it at its natural state. I just am not down with puffiness and frizz, but love how when I use great products to style my hair the look lasts longer in its perfectly styled state and maybe even extra long when I add a spritz or two of Dream Curls® Daily Styling Spray. Just saying these products are my secret hacks to perfect hair.

The reason why I have chosen to lean towards being a brunette is because 1. Blonde makes my hair really dry and I don’t need to be fighting another battle. 2. I love the shine. Summer is extra hard for me to keep both the shine and healthy-looking hair going because of all the sun and salt water! Ah summer! This year I have been using the John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette® Multi-Tone Revealing collection. Because it’s summer and because I heat style my hair I need a shampoo and conditioner that works in my favour to help save my colour treatment, while also rehydrating them curls as well. I love how quickly I saw the benefits of this product which is formulated with sweet almond oil and crushed pearls! Oh my the goodness. The Multi-Tone Revealing Shampoo and Conditioner helped to keep my brunette vibes vibrant all summer long, I love when products maintain color and give my hair life at the same time. Honestly it’s an easy hair routine that will not break the bank and not have you running to your colorist every 2 weeks. As much as I love Chris Weber (the hair god) I am sure he is thankful I have found something that will keep my hair photo-ready and me looking like a brilliant brunette for longer.

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Photos by Brit Gill

Hair Styling by Joanna Libbey

Now to how I like to style my hair and how I will be adapting my beachy wave to a bit more of a structured fall vibe.

  • This looks starts in the shower where I use the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Multi Tone Revealing Shampoo & Conditioner daily to keep my color vibrant
  • Apply John Frieda Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Crème to clean towel dried hair
  • Blow dry and notice how soft and controlled your hair stays already. I mean almost perfect right.
  • My trick is to straighten 1 inch of the roots with a straightener and also the bottom inch. Leave the middle section of your hair of your hair for the curling iron to take on.
  • Now in the summer I switch between holding my curling wand or iron horizontally for one section and then vertically for another. This creates the beautiful mess
  • BUT NOW for Fall pick a direction and stick with one to help with a bit more structure. Simple as that.
  • Now that the frizz is tamed and we boosted the shine and structured the curl mostly thanks to my favourite John Frieda Canada products and a little help from heat, we can finish off the look with the: Dream Curls® Daily Styling Spray. I like to use this like a hair spray to just give it a bit of texture and also, it smells nice!

To finish up my look I like to use bronze and gold tone shadows on my eyes to accentuate the colour and will define my lips with a soft peach gloss.

So there it is, the brilliant brunette structured unstructured tamed but messy fall beach hair look. Gosh that is a mouth full but hey, sometimes their needs to be a niche name that is this specific. Everything that I use I love and I can say that this collection of John Frieda Canada products actually beats and tames every issue I have with my hair and helps keep me looking photo-ready! Let me know how you decide to end up styling your curls this fall. Vertical or Horizontal! Talk to me baby.


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