4 wheels of Freedom with Ford Canada

Tuesday 15 August


My week with Ford Canada always gives me a sense of freedom especially in Summer. Find 5 spots in Vancouver I like to jet to when I have my Ford wheels.


Body suite from Urban Outfitters, Shorts from Urban Outfitters, Sneakers by Converse, Earrings from UO

Photos by Allison Kuhl

If you have been following along over the past year I have had the chance to drive some of the newest Ford Cars of the year for one week. This round I got to test out the Ford Escape, the perfect city car that also gets the adventurous side of me. She is the ultimate summer getaway vehicle. I love the sunroof and the lock system, all I had to do was have the keys on me and touch the handle and the car opened! No more digging for keys in my purse! Yes.

The week I had this 2017 Ford Escape I hit a few of my favorite spots in the city as well as a music festival on the island, called Tall Tree Festival.

5 favorite spots I like to cruise to in Vancouver with my Ford 

1. Spanish Banks beach. I love the vibe there it is a little further out of town so it is nice to have a car to get to

2. Harlow Atelier, one of my favorite self love boutiques is a little out of the way for me so I love to pay them a little visit to stock up on Palo Santo and all natural beauty supplies, they also have cute home wear.

3. Ikea, cause everyone loves a good visit to the sweet heaven of affordable home decor

4. Cypress Mountain look out, cause I love taking in the beautiful views of this city

5. And of course a little trip to Deep Cove to either walk Quarry Rock or go for a little paddle board

Every time I have one of the Ford vehicles I long more and more for my own. Having wheels does promote somewhat of a free movement away from home. Yes, I have Car2Go and even a bike that as I will share sometime soon I rode all the way to an island getaway. Needless to say having a car can be freeing, even though when I dont have one I dont really miss it. I guess that is what makes it a luxury! I love getting to test drive different Ford models they are all so different but so smooth to drive and always have the most functional features that make driving so convenient and comfortable.




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