Red Hot Summer Dresses

Tuesday 01 August


Ruffles and Red Oh My! Summer screams feminine vibes and what is more feminine then a red hot summer dress.


Dress by For Love and Lemons

Photos by Brit Gill

Summer is full of feminine energy, dresses, bikinis beautiful florals and ruffles, endless sunshine and the celebration of summer love, in whatever form that may come in. The type of feeling that comes with wearing a little red dress in summer, is somewhat empowering! With empowerment comes confidence which is why summer has all the feminine energy! Cant you feel it in the air?  Well to go along with our summer love confidence the timing is just right for the best of red summer dresses.

Favorite by far this For Love and Lemons dress, plus it is on sale! The timing is by far not over to add this to the wardrobe! August can be full of date nights and hot nights on the town dancing it up with your best friends. So this dress is on sale and you need it now. #Bossy right.

Bali was the perfect setting for this dress! Went to a pretty little dinner with my girl Brit and we danced the night away at the Deus Ex Machina sunday night extravaganza in Canggu.

Dresses are one of those fashion trends that re invents itself every year, but there are a few staples like the LBD. This version and take on the feminine date night dress is my favorite, makes a statement, means business and is bold as all of us should love to feel. Bold and fierce.

  • Red is a very beautiful color. That dress looks perfect on you and is perfect for summer!!! Kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
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