#DaisyTime, what the classic MJ Daisy scent means to me

Wednesday 27 September


#DaisyTime, is a special little story to me. More than just a fragrance, its a scent that makes me feel free.

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Photos by Allison Kuhl

There is so much freedom that comes with a signature scent. Why? Because it meets a moment in your life that represents how you are feeling or a way you desire to feel. When asked to describe my #DaisyTime, the first thought that came to mind was my Mom and my early teens when I spent most time in my room decorating my walls with Marc Jacobs campaigns the old age version of Pinterest.

My Mom relates to the thought of my #DaisyTime Moment because she is the one that brought me my first beautiful daisy bottle home from one of her trips and I remember saving even the box because I loved the design so much. It gave me all the feels even back then.

My #DaisyTime moment surrounds being able to feel that moment of freedom of inspiration and of being an endless wild child and that moment of happiness. It’s weird how relatable scents can be to a feeling and a moment. Do you have a #DaisyTime Moment you can relate to? A moment of bliss that reminds you of something special?

Naturally when I was asked to be part of this #DaisyTime campaign, it was an instant relatable moment of, yes, because I have always felt part of their vision already. If you check my room right now, you will currently find 2 Marc Jacobs daisy bottles and always with the matching box, could never shake the need to keep both.

I would never want to get rid of that feeling of running through a field of flowers and feeling freedom, so these daisy bottles and boxes have become somewhat of a collectors item for me. I am locking eyes with that feeling right now and I am so happy that I don’t ever have to let it go no matter how many life moments go by. #MJPartner


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