Not just your Summer beauty Essentials

Friday 01 September



Summer has been full of adventure. Happy to have had my little eos lip balms to easily pack into my adventure pockets, fully equipped with SPF protection, which is a key beauty essential.

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Photos by Brit Gill

This summer has been packed with endless blue skies. Vancouver, not known for its endless sunny days has felt more like living the California dream than ever. Warm days by the beach or hiking the mountains has been available to us basically since we celebrated the longest day of the year. I love being outside celebrating the sun rays but, we all know by now that it is beyond important to be protected from head to toe and that also means your kissable lips. So happy that my favorite lip balm brand eos came out with a version that offers SPF protection as well as complete moisture with ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Eos Active Protection comes in two flavors: Fresh Grapefruit SPF 30 and Lemon Twist SPF 15. The perfect citrus flavors to go along with you summer adventures all the way into Fall. 

I went on a bike camping trip this season that may have been the highlight of summer! Yes camping with a bike as transportation. Post about that coming soon! The one thing I was missing in my very lightly packed backpack was a lip balm that would have saved my lips from getting burnt. While I missed it then I wont ever leave it behind now. So thank you eos for providing me with that extra protection. This summer essential doesn’t have to leave your purse just because it is Fall. I would go ahead and say try and use SPF lip balm at all times throughout the year.

I have 2 more eos secrets to share. One also applies for camping adventures and minimal summer get aways and that is that the shaving cream works without water! So no showers, no problem! Ah the little things when you realize you can live with the bare minimum these are the things you learn to appreciate. Another product of theirs I enjoy that I would add to my list of all year essentials is their beautiful body lotion called delicate petals it smells so summery and fresh, that I am sure it will capture the same feelings for me even when it is raining outside.

EOS has created a really cute hashtag called #EOSMoments. Have a browse through everyones amazing summer moments. It warms my heart seeing all the images from our beautiful lives we get to enjoy outside under the summer sun. Just remember just because Summer is nearing its end we still have some beautiful outdoor moments ahead and our summer beauty essentials can turn into Fall essentials in a very beauty conscious way.