Power within with Gratitude

Tuesday 26 September


With a practice of gratitude every day I have created space for more positivity and flow in my day to day life. Thanks to T3 Micro for opening up conversation not just about perfect hair but also about the power of a single word.

Hair styled with the new T3 Micro styling wand

Photos by Allison Kuhl

So excited to be part of this T3 Micro power from within campaign. When they asked me to be part of this empowering conversation my natural reaction was YES, please, the word I chose to share is one that has been front of thoughts as of late, and that is GRATITUDE. Ill talk a bit more about that in just a moment, but also want to highlight that this T3 Micro Styling wand has been on my wish list for so long. I always strive to achieve that messy undone beach hair look and this wand has interchangeable barrels which is the key to undone hair. different types of curls. Perfect hair achieved on the daily.

I have learnt to surrender to the power of this word. Creating a gratitude practice within your day is so powerful it can actually change the way you move and think throughout your day. Pause and remember to be grateful. One of my favorite quotes that hangs on my wall is by Danielle LaPorte a spiritual inspirational speaker and author. It goes like so: “Gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful.” 

It took me a while to understand what this even meant. So dont be hard on yourself for not being sure, that is exactly what I felt the first few times I stumbled upon this word. What do we have gratitude for, well it is simple actually, all the good things in our lives. Friends, laughs, books friends recommend a good solo dance party moment, a kind email, coffee in the morning, beautiful times spent with an important person in your life, lessons you learn along the way, yoga, your comfy couch. All the things that make you feel good. As soon as I started thinking about these things and writing them down every day one specific thing became clear! I was starting to connect with pure positivity. During that time you sit and think about what you feel gratitude for, in those moments you are only thinking about good things, in turn you are focusing on the good things in life and creating even more space for more of that to come to you. Or helping you notice the small things that make you smile a little more than you use to. That is what gratitude has created for me. More smiles in my day more reasons to be grateful more space for positive thinking.

Just right now, my friend sent me the best solo dance party video I have ever seen, inspired by the little #SoloDanceParties I have been posting on my instagram. SO much gratitude for her energy and sharing it with me, it means so much to me to inspire, especially feel good and empowering moments. I had a little cry. Gratitude!

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