MJDaisy Holiday give the perfect gift of scent this season

Monday 27 November


MJDaisy Holiday, the gift of scent is one with meaning this season. There is more this year Marc Jacobs Daisy is celebrating with a limited edition bottle.


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Its cyber Monday! Making lists and checking it twice is officially the vibe right now. I am so excited that I have the perfect gift ideas for my favorite humans in my life this year. The gift of scent. MJDaisy is always and has always been a go to for creating special moments in my life. Since my entire day evolves around aromatherapy and scents why not spread the joy in my own favorite way this year.

This is why I love Marc Jacobs Daisy so much. Scents are an instant mood changer and memory maker. I celebrate the moment right before I walk out of the door and take on the day by spritzing my all-time favorite #MJDaisy. It is an important moment of the day that often is over looked for whatever reason. I am conciously trying to make that moment count so the tone of the day can be set, there is no better way to do that then giving yourself a little love. Which is what perfumes mean to me.

So why not give that gift, that moment, the celebration before stepping out the door, to your favorite humans this holiday season. I am convinced scents are more than just a product. They create a swirl of feel good, which will make you step outside your door with a smile and feminine confidence. That’s exactly how I feel when this iconic scent touches my nose. The notes are feminine and free-spirited and I couldn’t imagine any other scent that I would want to identify with throughout my day. May as well share the love!

Speaking of celebration! Marc Jacobs Daisy is celebrating 10 years of its beautiful existence this year. With sparkling crystals on the bottle, you can automatically treat your friend or sister or mom with a limited edition bottle that is absolutely gorgeous this holiday season.


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