A Bowen Island hideaway with Clearly

Thursday 07 December


24 hours on Bowen Island. The ultimate island to recharge, get cozy and be in the moment. Books and yoga nooks. So excited to have gotten to take this Clearly campaign to such a sanctuary.

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Photos by Galen Lofstedt

Shop these vintage inspired Main + Central tortoiseshell frames from Clearly

Remember to use the code TOBRUCKAVE to buy one and get one FREE

Taking on this yin weather with a trip to Bowen Island! This season before the holidays it is important to go inward and be cozy before the December social madness begins. So this is exactly why retreating to a cozy place with a book is actually a perfect fit. Rain drops on windows, tree tops as views a little yoga and meditation.

We took 24 hours to retreat and hop on a ferry in the rain and indulge in the serenity of Nectar Yoga B&B. Big sweater on, rain coat on, book in my bag and along for the ride these new glasses from Clearly. They are light pink and match everything I own right now.

Clearly is one of those sites that has all the cool glasses frames for an affordable price, starting at just $50, aka for everyone! Excited to share my top pick that is from their new collection called Main + Central. This is my top pick, the pink tortoiseshell frames. What is yours? Luckily you don’t have to single out your decision. You can choose 2 because I am sharing a special promotion today! If you enter the promo code TOBRUCKAVE, you can buy 1 frame and get 1 frame free! Some exclusion apply.

The perfect gifting opportunity for your friend, or Mom who would love adding a cool new look or an extra frame to play with!

OK so, confession: I don’t actually use glasses with a prescription but here are my two hacks on when I do use them and how they can still be functional and not just for a cool different look or for an added accessory.

  1. I use them to protect my eyes if I have a really long day behind my computer screen. Sometimes it’s nice to add a protective layer! Clearly has a digital protection lens that help prevent eye strain! #Goals
  2. If I walk to a meeting or an event in the morning my eyes are super sensitive towards light and the cold air so when I get there they are all puffy and teary, so instead I wear glasses on my walk!

This new Main + Central tortoiseshell collection by Clearly is my favorite by far. OK now just excuse me while I snuggle up and keep reading. PS, the book I was reading is The Alchemist, second round on this one, its just so good.

The Nectar Yoga B&B was actually everything I was hoping for it to be, a small sanctuary in the forest, like in another world of peace and rejuvenation. If you are looking for a place to disconnect from the work this is it. Meditation and Yoga are included in your stay in the most magical Yoga dome. Also, breakfast delivered to your cabin is included. I mean what more could you ask for. Another gem that is a must, the Sauna hut! Yes a wood sauna in the middle of the trees after yoga is the biggest treat! Heart full, going back for sure.


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