Breathe purified air with Dyson

Monday 11 December

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Breathing is our life line making it clean of allergens and air pollution seems like a good idea, right? Breathe purified air with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link , read on for more on my experience.


Purify, Heat and Cool with Dyson

Air is our life line. Breathing is what keeps us alive. Practicing life at its best is the goal. So why not be sure that in your home, your sanctuary the air is as pure as it can get. Technology needs to keep up with the rise in air pollution to keep us all breathing in our best lives. Dyson home appliances are always on the cutting edge of creating a clean home sanctuary. I introduced my Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link into my home this Fall and I use it every day! I truly feel like it keeps the air in my apartment at its best, I love being able to use the app on my phone to tell what the air conditions are, its very satisfying to see it at “GOOD”.

Since being healthy, living my best life and creating space for positivity to flow is top on my to-do list for life now, it felt natural to turn my attention to breathing in air that is purified with Dyson. Clean air should not be considered a luxury. It should be on everyones must buy list. The purifying part of this Link removes 99.7 percent of allergens and pollutants such as formaldehyde with tris coated graphite crystals. See crystals are magic! Wait, what is formaldehyde? “Formaldehyde is a commonly used chemical compound that exists in various forms and at room temperature, is a colorless, distinctive, strong and even pungent smelling, flammable and gaseous substance.” It is found in pressed wood products like ply wood and house hold products like Paper towels, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, lipstick and nail polish. Eak! Some health risks that surround Formaldehyde are, headaches, watery eyes, nausea, to name a few. Anyway, this is just an example of one substance that is floating around in your air that can cause health risks that the Dyson actually tackles. Worth it!

I havent even got to the part where it actually either cools or heats your apartment as well. I mean I havent used our built in heater since I got this. You can set it at any temperature and it will automatically regulate the temp! Maximum coziness right.


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