Create Space, Feel Good: Aromatherapy

Thursday 14 December

Create Space

I was introduced to aromatherapy 2 years ago through the cult essential oils and diffuser brand Vitruvi. It was my gateway to discovering comfort in ritual. Infuse your home with essential oils.


No matter what the hard times are, have something to turn to that makes you feel good. For me that is Aromatherapy! Just like meant to be when I was going through a really uprooted time in my life 2 years ago I was introduced to Sara who started Vitruvi with her brother around the same time. I dont even remember how we met but it was love at first site. Watching this company grow has been a blessing! Because infusing my home and life with aromatherapy has helped me grow. For the sake of this gift guide for you, I wont go to deep into my personal story just yet. But stay tuned for 2018.

This guide is designed for you to discover the products that I have used to create ritual and comfort in my life that I deeply believe will very simply change yours as well. It is as easy as introducing a diffuser in your room and infusing your bed time with your favorite essential oil scent. My night time blend is Lavender and Eucalyptus. OR now, Vitruvi made it even easier to take a breath of your favorite scent by creating a handful of perfectly designed blends for your home. My favorite blend is Grove. It makes my space smell like a forest, which is my happy place and when I experience my soul most.

Bringing in aromatherapy into your daily ritual is arguably at the top of my self love list.


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