Create Space, Feel Good: Harlow Candle

Friday 22 December

Create Space

Harlow Candle

Light a candle, create a pretty space. Be inspired in your own work place, a candle sets the perfect mood for inspiration to flow.

Harlow Candle

Fall for Harlow Candles and all natural Skin Care rituals

To really feel the love in your space wether that be your work area at home or even in an office begin with setting the mood. Make it inspirational and comfortable so motivation can flow easily. A candle is an easy way to get it just right. Day time candles can have an incredibly beautiful effect with the right choice of awakening scents with more high notes like eucalyptus and lemon peel. My choice as of late is both the Harlow Morning candle and Mountain, cause it is the season of cedar wood type scents. Choose a scent that makes you feel good! Doesnt really matter what is in it if cinnamon makes you think of a cozy setting then go for one of those. The names are just guidelines, but as I mentioned in the previous post, setting scents as rituals is a powerful way to change your own mood and motivation to be in the space you are in.

This gift guide will continue past christmas because well, the season of loving yourself should never be over. As you start setting some new intentions for 2018 make this gift guide for yourself a little reminder on how easy it is to create some space for yourself to feel loved and supported by nobody else but you!

This season is busy and it is so easy to forget what amazingness surrounds us beyond gifts and giving of material things. So light a candle, and take a moment to think about maybe a few things that are not bought at a store that you have been giving to yourself or others. Spread the Love. Happy Holiday weekend.


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