Create Space, Feel Good: The gift guide for yourself.

Tuesday 05 December

Create Space

Create Space

I am so excited to share the first of this “create space, feel good” gift guide series. All November I have been swirling with the idea of how to approach this years gift guides for you guys. How do I rise above the many gifting guides that are out there that we can happily dive into. One for Mom, one for Friend one for Home. Love them all! I browse I shop I love the curation. Not one single idea resonated, I was bored with my own ideas, which I have encountered a lot this year. My immediate reaction to that belief has been, cant come up with anything, then do nothing.

Today is different and marks the first clear step to many transformative moments of sharing for me. Walking back into my apartment last night after a magical getaway to Tofino with friends, this gift guide idea fell into my lap last night while drinking tea. I am not making this up, I swear. So here goes.

Instead of yet another gift guide or sponsored 12 day give away (nothing wrong with those, love em). I have decided to share 8 wellness and sacred ritual products that I have discovered and connected with over the past 6 months. I had a craving that was born in heartbreak and feeling really low on life to connect with my soul and creating space for more happiness and clarity for myself and others around me. So far I have shared this part of me mostly with piers and close friends and even have had a bit of a contagious affect on those who have let it in.

This gift guide is meant mostly for you to gift yourself, because YOU deserve to feel good. These 8 products that I will be sharing throughout this month will be a perfect launching off point for you to start a new spiritual ritual for yourself in 2018.

First up my Moon Deck! I will go into the reasons why I gravitated towards this deck another time in more detail, if you like but, here is the short version. Choose the decks that you gravitate to naturally. I have been obsessed with the Moon and Stars since I was little and this deck speaks to me visually and through all the messages it carries.  The easiest way to welcome some spiritual guidance into your day is to simply pull one card every morning, either asking “what do I need to know?” or something a little more specific even, get as detailed as you like. I asked “Is there something I should be preparing to focus on for my trip to Switzerland/Home?” I pulled the ancestor card! My first thought was oh, weird I dont really know anything about my ancestors and I have never really been specifically interested in knowing more either, why would I pull this card this means nothing to me. 2 minutes later a 180 at the realization that, that is something I want to explore and that it is the perfect time and place to do so in Switzerland. Where my Mom’s side of the family is from. Thinking about this card all afternoon it is making me feel excited and giving me another purpose to my visit there.  The more you work and play with cards the easier it will become to connect and interpret them. This is just one example of how they have completely shifted a thought and belief for me. I love that it was exactly this card that I pulled to be an example for this post. A the magic. Don’t be scared, at the end of the day they are just cards. It is what you put towards them that gives them their power and value.


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