Create Space, Feel Good: The five-minute Journal

Friday 08 December

Create Space

#2 on the Create Space, Feel good gift guide is The Five Minute Journal. The easiest way to break through your fear of journaling. Its so easy and guess what? It will make you feel good. Read on for how I use it every day.


Back at it again with the anti gift guide. Just create space for you to feel happiness! Maybe it feels a bit selfish to think about yourself sometimes, but believe it or not, happiness starts with you and if you are not feeling your best you can not show up for your friends or family and nobody is into that vibe.

Lets chat journaling. The Five-Minute Journal is easily the one piece of my routine that I do not ever sacrifice!  It sounded like such a big word to me when I started this journey of building rituals to connect with myself a bit more. And then I found this journal. 5 minutes, we all have 5 minutes to ourselves and if you dont now is the time to carve out the time and to be honest this one takes more like 3 minutes. The journal is meant to be filled out in the morning and then at night. It makes your mind think of gratitude, things you are grateful for which creates a positive vibration first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep. Over time it will transform your mood, you will think of these little things more often and it will make you smile throughout the day.

This is a great way to ease into journaling and its almost like the presence of the book holds you accountable to carry out this commitment to yourself, because it is that simple. Love yourself!



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