A few reminders on how to unleash your truth

Wednesday 07 March

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You are infinite, a creative soul and the world is waiting to see you. Here are a few reminders on how to unleash your truth because its time for you to listen.


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Dear Soul Spirit. Wake up!

Hey Girl. I’m going to skip the shit and get right to it. You are an infinite creative soul, powered by mega energy to make a difference in this lifetime. The world is waiting for you to grab hold of that inner calling and set it free. Let’s get real with what you got.

We see you, delicately deliberating everyday, carefully curating how you show up in the world. I mean you look great. Love what you’ve done with the instagram, showing your “best” life. But we want to SEE YOU, see you. That inner vibration you. And we want to see it in person.

This is a reminder that we (the people) are here to show up and witness each other’s soul expression.

We get it, it’s scary to unleash her. She’s wild, she’s weird, and feels a little different from what you see in the outside world. Be kind to your inner self, she’s sensitive, but damn she’s powerful. Need a nudge to get in touch with her?

Here are a few reminders on how to unleash your truth from within.

1. Goddamn it, Get Real. Like actually. Let go of the bs that you’ve been distracting yourself with and listen to what your inner self is really dying for. Your inner whispers are talking to you. Do you want to hear them?
Start with: stop lying to yourself. As much as we love another pair of new shoes, acknowledge that it doesn’t bring you true joy. We work on our outsides, but is it reflecting the inside? Let’s get deep when working on your fulfillment. Strip it down to the real shit. Get quiet, and pay attention. Decide to listen.

2. Talk to her. Don’t know where your voice comes from? Ask her. I promise she’s talking to you, and has been all your life. The outer world drowns out the whispers, give her the space to get louder. Meditation, yoga, self talk, art…these are all ways to get in touch with what your inner soul wants.

Pro Tip: Your inner voice may come through in different ways. Sometimes it’s a voice, a gut feeling, or tingly sensation in your toes. Once you’ve recognized how she’s trying to get your attention, start acknowledging when she’s showing up, and what she wants to tell you.

3. Believe. Trust that it is happening. Provoking the truth to come out is the first step to freeing yourself. The journey to express your soul is happening by reading this. Do you already hear things, see things, or manifest things? Sometimes our awakening comes from acknowledging instead of discrediting our powers. If you’ve ever written something down, and it has come true, don’t pretend that it’s nothing. That is magic. Spelling is a spell (- Erykah Badu) and you can make your dreams come true.

This is your calling. Use your inner creativity to activate your soul’s legacy. She is inspired and ready for the love affair she deserves with the world. Oh LORD let’s get her OUT.

Your Spirit lives strong. She’s talking to you everyday, start listening and talking back.

Warning: this work may provoke the rise of some deep shit, let it go. The journey is bumpy and may be painful and difficult. Some people may drop out and you may often feel resistance. Trust your inner knowing to guide you through what you truly believe in because it will lead to the realest love, in others and yourself.

And now that thats out in the open a quick word  about me, I am a multi disciplinary designer and artist connecting intuition and creativity. I am here to empower others by activating their inner knowing. Through brand management, art direction and energy healing I explore the balance of feminine power and spirituality. I am a student of life’s subtle gifts, and I believe in cultivating an unconventional lifestyle by supporting others to find their authentic truth.


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