The 6 books that sparked my spiritual journey

Tuesday 06 March

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Spiritual Journey, what books to read

The 6 books that sparked my spiritual journey.

I am so excited to start to reveal some of the spiritual tools I have collected over the past year. Books, podcasts and rituals, hang tight as they all start to appear in this space. I am so excited because this is a never ending journey of, feel good.

6 books that sparked my spiritual journey

Feeling the jitters sharing this list but it is time to let you in on what I have been nourishing myself with over the past year. Yes wellness and spirituality have been a huge discussion and the words may have trickled through your ears without even intending to listen  to them.  If you  have the slightest spark of interest you are where I was at some point over the past 2 years. I have posted a few Full Moo related rituals and my experiences with crystals on my instagram and am so excited to have gotten so many cool DM’s about these things. My heart feels the most full when I am influencing friends and friends on social media and especially family with anything that makes them feel good, feel empowered and feel like they can take charge of their own experience. So, of course this is the type of content that means the most to me that I want to share. But also shines the light right on who I am, so yes it feels scary, just incase there is no feedback and I end up saying something “wrong”. This is a bright example of why knowledge and confidence is power and judgement and comparison is not. 

It is time to over come boundaries and limitations and step into my own light more. I am inspired by the lovely ladies that joined the Create Space community. They have shown such courage with sharing their pieces that I now feel inspired to do the same. I am no specialist in spirituality nor am I a guru of any type. I am just a girl on a path to getting to know my soul and in turn learning a few really rich  little musings about life, myself and the relationships I hold around me.

Knowledge is power. This statement could not be more true to my learnings. Knowing about your body, mind and soul is the ultimate power because it is the way you and only you can shape your experience on this planet and in this life.

6 Books I read that have shaped my journey to getting to know my soul, aka spirituality in chronological order: 

The Happiness equation


The Invitation

The Power of now

 Currently Reading:

The Soul Searchers Handbook

Crystal Muse

My healing journey, amongst other rituals started with reading books and listening to podcasts and just continuously learning about new authors and teachers and their messages. Some spoke to me and some didn’t, which is exactly how this experience continues. Find your own path but without guidance it seems impossible to dig through all the resources, which is what I would love to be here for. First up a few books that spent a some time on my shelf and they then all made their way into my brain, when the timing was right.

If you have any favorite books that are on your list. Please share. Would love to stack my book shelf with your go to’s for inspirational words and stories.


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