Happy Earth day, lets start with an Environmentally conscious Tee

Sunday 22 April


Happy Earth day lovers. Maybe we can all make an impact today by doing just one thing that will contribute to a bit of a sustainability movement. I have been doing my best be conscious about what I am wearing lately, this Tee is ethically made in Canada thats a good start.


Tee by Tamar Kate, Sneakers by Allbirds, Jeans by Paige, Coat by Herschel, Hat by lack of Color, Necklace by Lisbeth Jewelry

Photography by Allison Kuhl

It is Earth Day today. This is the first year this means something so much bigger to me. I thought becoming more connected and conscious with myself would be limited to me on a soul search to a deeper connection with my own being, little did I know it spills over into everything I do, eat and wear. Because it is all connected to the way I feel. Being good to the planet is part of being more conscious and aware of our impact on it on a daily basis. This does not mean that you need to go to living a zero waste lifestyle in one day. That would be the ultimate goal but it is not low hanging fruit for todays modern lifestyle, at least not for me. But lets start somewhere.

There are easier ways to begin to feel like you are making a difference, and that can start by simply using a reusable bottle rather then plastic water bottles that end up floating in the ocean. The simple act of this, will give you the tingles when you think that you as one person have made a difference in todays consumption. Its hard to just close the door to the thought of being a good earth citizen. So if this tickles your fancy, maybe also think twice about the tshirt you buy next the basic that you want to love does not need to come from Forever 21. This Tee  I am wearing is one that will be in my closet forever, a simple black basic that goes with every mood and every outfit. Tamar Kate is a local Vancouverite and all of her tees and dresses are made from a Organic Modal fabric in Canada. Besides it feeling and fitting perfectly the carbon footprint does not include a flight from China! Just that little detail makes me feel so excited to support and spread the word about her. I also own this tee in white and the dress in black as well.

Slow Fashion is the new you, trust me! I was chatting with my business coach not to long ago about this whole environmentally friendly fashion story and I told her I dont know if I can take this movement this far because of what I do, it would be impossible to go entirely earth friendly. Well she was right, as always it has “organically” (no pun intended) reached my closet and the truth is, there is no need to go cold turkey and throw out everything that is made in China. But just a few hints of Made in Canada and of course Vintage sprinkled throughout my closet is feeling really good. So I am celebrating this Tshirt on this very important day of earth. Every day can turn into earth day! Lets do it, what are you going to do today and maybe tomorrow to contribute to earth day?


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