Movement awakens my soul

Wednesday 25 April

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Movement awakens my soul. Now I know not everyone has the luxury of hitting the gym whenever they wish, including myself. So I teamed up with a personal trainer to put together an at home work out, no equipment necessary, from one busy mom to the next.

On the last Blue moon Kiara and I pulled Moon cards. After I pulled my initial cards I had this feeling that I needed a “bonus” card and felt compelled to pull another. I felt in my heart there was a certain card that just wanted to be seen. Something for me, an overall life card and there it was, the MOVEMENT, staring me right in the face.  The instant I saw it I said aloud “this is my life card”.

When I move regularly I am a more grounded and level-headed human being.  Any form of motion makes me feel mentally and emotionally balanced. Movement is a release of tension and an opportunity to generate more energy and clarity. I did not always honor this need to move. When I was younger I danced and played on a few sports teams but let’s keep it real, there was a time when I ate twinkkies and coffee for breakfast and had the random smoke while out drinking the night away. I did not value my body the way I do now. I suppose I did not know its worth.

Becoming a mother to three gorgeous babies has changed my body, and so it should!  It housed 3 little miracles that I am beyond grateful for and I am constantly amazed by what the female body can do.  There are certain things that will never be the same and I’m totally ok with that.  Becoming a mother has changed my perspective on life, in all areas.  My family relies on my health, energy, and love. They are the driving force that pushes me to be a better me. Parenting is hard and sometimes getting out and going to a crazy-ass hard workout can feel like a vacation, but thats the beauty of it all.  Without them I would never have learned that I can do hard things, and while doing the hard things you learn to see great joy. 

Moving should be like a celebration for what we are able to achieve and what your body is able to do. It should feel like a blessing, not a punishment for what you ate and drank last weekend.  I’ve been training at a gym that incorporates everything from strength training, power and agility work, mixed aerobic intervals and circuits that include rowing, cycling, boxing and running. These workouts kick my ass every time but I love it. I’ve realized I need to be pushed hard to truly feel the benefits. I do it to train my brain to breakthrough life challenges and uncomfortable situations knowing the end result is so worth it!

I don’t go to these workouts every day but i do try to move every day so I can focus my brain on something other than the daily reality.  An easy way for me as a mom to factor in a work out is to get playful with the kids and go to the park, play tag, hide and seek, soccer in the backyard ect. Become a kid again it feels so good and your little ones will love it too. Not to mention if you run them hard enough you may hit the jackpot with an earlier bedtime, this is usually my motive. 

You don’t have to make it to the gym or a have a trainer to move and feel the amazing results, you just have to have the desire.

It has always been the THOUGHT  that I will mentally FEEL better after a work-out that gets me there, not the idea of a great body.  Yes, we all dream about nice flat abs, toned arms, and the perfect tight toosh, but the way I see it when we push our selves and set goals we are strengthening our mindset, and this my friend is the golden ticket. Your mindset will prove to you that you are beautiful and capable of achieving anything you wish. 

I know first hand getting out and making it to a work out is not always an option, so if you’re up to get your sweat on at home, Eric Smith, a personal trainer and kinesiologist from MVMT academy in North Vancouver has put together a full body workout that you can do anywhere with no equipment needed.  See below. If you are unsure of the exercise, just ask google. This is how I get my sweat on at home when there is no space in my day to get to the gym.

Work out at home and reap the mind body and soul benefit no equipment necessary:

Warmup 3x (5-10mins)

Wild things/Rock Stars 5/5

Air Squat 10

T Push Up 5/5

Lunge W/ QL stretch/twist 5/5

Squat thrusts 10

Get your move on 10-12mins continuous (rest 15s between and 30-45s after round)

30 Alternating plyo step up (can do on stairs/chair/couch etc) (other option is toe tap for less stable surface)

20 Split Squat chops (lower into split squat with chosen “weight” at hip of back leg, stand up and raise “weight” to above opposite shoulder (cross body)) could use any household item as weight.

10 Spider-Man Push up/push up jackknife or a regular push up for beginners

5 Burpees OR 10 tuck jumps

Feel that heart rate 20s on 10s off. 3-4rounds

Air Squats

MTN climbers

Lateral Bounds/lunges (space dependent)

FWBW Bear crawl (2-4 steps forward 2-4steps back repeat)

If that wasn’t enough. Do 1-3 sets of

10/10 Single leg glute bridge (foot on chair or couch is option for more glute activation.)

10/10 Star Sit ups (reach to opposite foot.)

20 Flutter Kicks

20 scissors



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