This body is a beautifully crafted vessel to contain the soul

Wednesday 18 April

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This body is a beautifully crafted vessel to contain the soul.

Mine was given to me with a deep capacity that I’m beginning to understand. It was given to me to with a privilege of health, athleticism and physical strength. It is a result of my ancestry’s journey, generations of immigrants and blood identity. It is the physical thing that contains a brain, that interprets my soul, who connects with my spirit. I’ve recently understood these parts of me, shifting my perspective to it being my body, my body not being “me”.

Most of my life, I’ve taken this physicality for granted. I’ve sat back, leaned back in it, my soul safely buckled in its back seat, letting it take me through the ride of life. My physical being lead the way, as my soul sat back and watched. Things would happen to me. My body has been tokenized, abused, used, shamed and claimed. Because of taking it for granted, I would carelessly take risks. I’ve thoughtlessly jumped off of 15 ft cliffs, have given it to men and talked shit about it. I’ve been othered and othered myself, blaming it and shamed it. I’ve spent years not acknowledging this body’s magic chosen by my soul. Life is a ride, but I never knew how to be the driver seat. Our souls choose a body to drive the journey, not to ride it.

There is a difference in showing up physically, and showing up physically + energetically.

Our job is to step forward. And by step forward I mean show up aligned, soul, spirit and body. This will not come from coasting through life in the back seat. It will come from doing the work to be present, energetically, because the body is obvious.

Moving the soul to the driver’s seat creates moments of being fully present.

I’m not here to tell you how, to get to this realization. There are enough “how to’s” and self help guides out there. I’m here to enlightened through my experience and remind you to face your shit, because life is dope when you do the work.

Face your shit, get real with your emotions, get real with your wants, and soul’s desires. It will take healing, compassion and rock bottom. But the work is worth it. It takes courage, facing your fears, and shedding a lot of your ego.

Pro tip, work on embodying this concept: Your body is not you. It is a physical form that has been given to you to be fully expressed. Passion, creativity, expression, elation, LOVE, these are life’s truest gifts. Your body is your soul’s vehicle. Stop treating it like shit and shaming it. Respect it, love it and thank it for the capacity and letting you show up with it’s physical beauty. There’s not time to hate it. You have more important soul and spirit work to do. Get in the front seat, we’re looking for you.

Adriana is a mixed blooded, multicultural woman, exploring empowerment by well being. Her ongoing journey involves creative expression, being a student to intuition and managing an obsession with understanding the depth of how energy affects us. Follow her art @adricreative or expressive personal storytelling @adri.lovesyou


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