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Saturday 09 June

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Listening to Abraham Hicks changed my life. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite segments that I have added to my YouTube playlist that I continuously revisit. And also who is Abraham Hicks?


Who is Abraham? A none physical entity from the none physical world that communicates through a woman by the name of Ester Hicks. In other words advise from source energy from the universe translated into words and if this is to “woowoo” for you, then just think of it as really good advise from someone who has the capability and capacity of looking at everything from a place of unconditional love. Weirdly this never seemed weird to me, I never questioned that this is made up or not real this is something I can 100 percent trust and rely on and it makes perfect sense to me on every level and it has brought me closer to my “inner being” aka my soul.

These segments have brought so much light and expansion into my life, every time I listen to a random new one it always tells me exactly what I need to hear. Here are the channels I have subscribed to so that each segment appears in my YouTube feed.

Abraham Hicks – The Unlimited you

Abraham Hicks Thoughts

To me everything they say makes perfect sense and triggers all kinds of thought processes in me. Thanks to them, I have learnt to train my brain to look for joy in the right places especially when I am having a down day or doubt and discouragement in any area of my life. Sometimes the words say so much I cant even take it all in, which is why I listen to these over and over again. I always take something different from them. The morning ritual one I try and listen to every morning, it makes me smile and throughout the day I am always reminded of little snippets of what they said which bring me back to joy and trust in this process of life. All of Abrahams teachings have calmed my anxiety and helped me build patience. Both of which I did not have under control as much before.

Abraham Hicks – Get tuned in, Tapped in and Turned on

1. Morning ritual: Today is a good day

2. Practice what you want

3. Bring love into your life

4. Wait with confidence

5. Say these things to yourself in the Morning (alternate morning listen)

6. Nothing changes unless there is an emotional shift

7. Night time meditation ( I listen to this religiously every night to fall asleep)

Ok so here are the 7 I have saved over the passt 3 months. Number 6 about the emotional shift was majorly thought provocing for me in my journey with my Mom right now. It taught me how to form my questions when asking her how she is, so I can create a more positive thought process and evoke a response based on positive energy and with a focus on emotions rather than with focus on what is not right. That specific conversation had me going off on a tangent on how the medical system works, especially because I have never been to more doctors offices in my life then over the past 2 months, it got me thinking about exactly what Abraham is talking about when it comes to shifting emotions. What if every doctor would focus just a little bit more on talking about the patients well being, rather than directing all the focus to the physical problem. This is what I love so much about their talks, you can take small things and immediately implement them in your day to day life and then watch as your soul expands.

The Night time meditation is my go to. I set my phone timer to turn off after 30min and am pretty sure after all this time I have yet to hear the entire meditation. But I love that I am sure my subconscious hears it in full and I fall asleep easily listening to inspiring words rather then the thoughts that are most certainly no sleep aid. There is a great part toward the end about what meditation means and of course they describe it in such an accessible obvious way that will make you understand the purpose of it without doubt to what the process really is all about and why it is so good for our well-being. Listen, you will see.

Feel free to let me know if you decided to listen and what you think! Always excited to hear your thoughts and if these segments somehow also impact your life in a feel good kind of way. Also, I am currently reading “Ask and it is Given.” and that to is changing my well-being and impacting my daily life in a beautiful way.

Just remember “You are standing at the Leading edge of thought.” – Abraham Hicks.


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