Rethink Breast Cancer. She is courageous.

Saturday 20 October

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Rethink Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer can look like love, rebirth and a rebirth. October is breast cancer awareness month, this year I dont need a month dedicated to remember its cause and effect. If you or anyone in your circle of love has been touched by the C word, or even if not. Here is our story.

A fearless leader in unconditional love, trust and kindness, I am so proud of your journey and ours Mom. Thank you. 

Images by my brother Aaron Schwartz

Location: Flims Switzerland

Its took 20 days of October for me to sit down and write this story. Not because it is one of endless pain, but because it is a real story and sometimes tapping into realness is scary and painful and liberating all at the same time.

Tonight I am attending the Boobyball, in Vancouver. An event that is fundraising for Rethink Breast cancer. I am so honored to get to show presents there as well as have had the opportunity to donate and learn about Rethink Breast cancer. The charity is catering to the under 40 generation that is in any way affected by breast cancer. Wether it is you, your family member or your friend. This topic should be open and discussed because it is something most of us have had to deal with one way or another. Get your mammogram! Its never to early. If you want to read more about the charity here is the link. Donate here, any donation, small or large will help the cause.

My Mom has breast cancer. If you have been following me, you know I spent the summer in Switzerland. It was because I wanted to be there to support my Mom through this journey. The only reason why her diagnosis is that of a positive outcome is because she felt the tumor in her breast and immediately took action. She saved her own life essentially. The outcome is something we are forever grateful for and I know some may not get the same news in their diagnosis as she did and I just have so much love and compassion for anyone on any side or stage of this journey.

Breast cancer is now part of her story and mine. This summer our relationship tightened, grew and changed forever. The journey of breast cancer is not to be taken lightly, it sucks! It can be dark, it can be painful, your body will never feel and look the same and it is easy to feel sorry for yourself. Even as bystanders, its so hard to see your Mom or anyone go through something that is not tangible or relatable and causes fear. The crazy thing is, when I am asked how is your Mom, and how was this summer, I can not help but feel grateful for the experience. I am sure my Mom will have a different opinion because her physical body is attached to this experience. Maybe she will come on here one day and share some more from her side!

To share, in hopes of it inspiring your journeys or someone you know, here are a few of my take aways that I want to share for daughters and friends and even mothers that are alongside their loved Breast Cancer fighters.

Just be there. Your presents is what is healing, your energy is what is healing. Your openness to learning about what can help them beyond medicine is what is healing. Not once did I google anything negative around cancer. I saw and witnessed symptoms and then took it upon myself to learn the natural ways to combat them. We were already getting enough medical advise, it was never my role to advise on that, but my role was to notice when we needed to go for a walk in nature. It was to notice when I needed to just go and lay with her on the couch, it was to notice when I needed to give a bit of tough love to get her out of a negative spiraling mood. Its ok to feel sorry and sad, but then your role is to notice the moment, to get her to shake it off hold her hand and take a step towards the lighter side. My Mom and I went for a lot of walks, long and short, we had a spot we went and journaled, we wrote affirmations until the tears where just rolling down our cheeks and we felt the energy shift from bad to good.

Another lesson here is that you are there to do the work as well, everything I knew about well being I past on to my Mom and myself this summer. We created practices together routines around chemo that uplifted her spirit. We meditated before bed, listening to and self love pod casts! My role was to be their for her.

We can both say we know more now about ourselves our bodies and our connection with nature than we did 1 year ago. And I mean to me that sounds like a win! Dont get me wrong I know there is darkness here and she went through it and is still fighting it all but, if she wouldn’t have been so open and ready to receiving new lessons and learning about herself and her body this experience would have been much more difficult.

Mom what is the most valuable thing you have learnt from this breast cancer journey? “To accept the cancer and trust that my body can take on this journey with me.” When she answered this, my heart melted. Such trust comes from self discovery.

If you are interested in more details about our experience, let me know we are ready and open to sharing everything and in more detail as well. Since I think, as her physical cancer journey is coming to an end. YAY only 3 more weeks of treatments, the work doesnt end here. How can we give back?

Rethinking breast cancer! PS: tears throughout writing this entire piece. But they feel good, liberating and freeing thank you for reading, if you made it here.


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