Show your bedside some zen love

Friday 12 October

Create Space

Show your bedside table some love this weekend. Creating a zen like space for some cozy Fall “at home” time.


Vitruvi diffuser, Le Labo Candle, Zen and the Art of falling in love

Fall is officially in the air, this time of year is all about going inward. I love this time of year cause getting cozy makes me feel so good! Part of Fall is showing your space some love, getting rid of clutter or piles of to do “things”. What surrounds you reflects on your life, if you wake up and fall asleep feeling safe, comfortable and happy this will translate into the way you carry your energy outwards.

Your bedside table is a great place to start your Fall nesting. It will set the mood for comfort and serenity in the best place, right next to where you sleep and wake. Show it some love. Creating a little altar with a diffuser and a relaxing Fall blend of essential oils is a good start, along with an inspiring book. I find if I have one right by my bed, I tend to take the time to read more often. I also have been making it a habit to read in the morning with coffee in bed rather than scrolling on instagram. It is one of my favorite “good habits” I have been training myself on doing. It calms my mind rather than creating a scattered mind right as I wake up and the effects of this last all day.

Now is the perfect time to set an intention to create a zen like bedside space for yourself this weekend. If anything, just tidy up get rid of clutter and light a candle and enjoy the zen glow while you take some time to snuggle up with a good book. Its all about creating the space yourself. This weekend is a great time to do so.


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