Because empty is an accomplishment in the Beauty World

Friday 25 January


The constant influx of beauty products is overwhelming. So instead of showing you a pretty unboxing of the new, here are the repeat offenders, the used, the empty, the beauty I cant live with out. Along with proof, cause proof is in the pudding.


goop Oil

Vitruvi essential oils

every day Oil

Byredo Gypsy Water

Keoko Shae Butter

Nude by Nature Powder Foundation

Ouai Texturizing Spray

Ouai Hair Oil

The world of beauty products is so transient. We are constantly bombarded by products that will fix another flaw we didn’t know we had. Empty beauty products feels like an accomplishment. It means something when you make it to the end. Commitment to something that worked without getting distracted by the new and sparkly.

Full transparency, we get a lot of products in the mail, new ones to test and try and talk about. I always find myself being excited about a routine and then 1 week later switching it to another just because a new promise is being made through cool packaging and marketing. #consumerism.

There are a few products that I consistently have to replenish because I end up using them till they are empty! And guess what these are the ones that have made a difference to my skin in one way or another. Surprise! Maybe not switching to something new constantly is the answer. Dedication and recognition in something that works is a beautiful realization.

Consumerism can get you. I have been taking a bit of a different approach these days when it comes to my beauty cabinet and sticking with all natural skin care mostly oil based, make up wise, it’s what makes me feel best and I just can not stay away from glossiers mascara and cloud paint. I am a very low maintenance kind of make up girl and that combo is the easiest ever! The final touch is the Nude by Nature highlighter. These three are a must and always will be re-bought as soon as empty always!

I hope this shares a bit of transparency around beauty products. Every time I finish one, I actually do have a little sense of accomplishment. I dont know why, its like yay, I committed and it feels good and I really do stand behind this product, because it is empty and I need to buy again.

** Disclaimer all of these are empty or almost empty


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