Dynamic Skin care, Vitruvi launches an all new beauty ritual

Saturday 19 January


Just when you think essential oils already bring you all the joy you could possibly hope for Vitruvi launches an all new dynamic skincare routine that incorporates essential oils with base oils to create your very own apothecary beauty routine. Learn all about it and shop the line within this post.

Vitruvi Dynamic Beauty Campaign 

Images by Brit Gill

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Let me introduce you to the new beauty junkie. She is in full control of what goes on her skin, she knows the ingredients and what effect they have, she is knowledgable about things, aka this is the new me. Not knowing what words mean and why they are in my creams I put on my face is not my vibe anymore, lets be honest knowledge is power and this way beauty makes so much sense. Why wouldn’t we want to know exactly what we put on our face? More autonomy means getting to know your skin better and being able to be your own alchemist when it comes to what you need on a day to day basis is totally empowering.

This is why Vitruvi created their dynamic skincare collection. A three step process in becoming your own beauty alchemist. Including a mix of carrier oils and essential oils. You blend your own face oils according to your needs are that day. You can even create your own custom face oil online by taking the quizz that will help you select exactly what you need and then you can adjust from there. Thats what I do.

So excited to be part of this campaign. Sara, half of the brother sister duo that founded the company is one of my close friends and I am constantly in awe of her knowledge about what essential oils can do in your life, they are not just meant for a diffuser, they are meant to live everywhere in your home. The kitchen, the bathroom and now on your beauty counter. They are revolutionizing beauty rituals at home. Simplify and customize. The two words that have been forgotten about in the beauty world over the last decade.

Our skin always needs something different and now we are graced with the opportunity to not go out and buy a number of different products to solve different skin dynamics, just adjust your formula. Add more avocado oil if your skin needs extra moisture, when traveling, or some extra apricot kernel oil if your skin is being sensitive and needs a little extra love. And then add the complex oil, this is all about what your skin needs right now, if you have more than usual blemishes then add sea buck thorn oil, if there are hormones or stress that are effecting your skin then use evening primrose. Lastly you choose your essential oil, it is for aroma but also has some healing properties, like lavender is very soothing with antibacterial effects or cedar wood which is anti inflammatory.

The experience of creation is part of the ritual, thinking about what you need and how you create it is part of the process and has been so lost on us. Im obsessed with using the dropper and the mixing bowl to create my blends.

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