5 insider tips to the best stay at Pacific Sands in Tofino

Sunday 10 February


Keep reading for 5 insider tips to the best stay at the Pacifc Sands Resort in Tofino. This place should be on your list of places to go in 2019. It will give you that Pacific North West experience you are craving.

Photos taken at the Pacific Sands resort.

September 2018

Finally back with a travel post. So excited to share a bit of a break down on how to experience the best Pacific North West getaway at the Pacific Sands beach resort. Tofino is one of my favorite places to go to recharge and connect with something that feels more grounding then day to day life is Tofino.

Five things you need to know about staying at the Pacific Sands Resort in Tofino. 

1. Surf sisters is right on the property, so you can rent a surf board and surf 10 steps away. No excuses to not try and play with the waves. Its humbling its part of the Tofino experience.

2. The Surfside grill has the best veggie burger you will ever have. Grab one to go with some fries take it to the beach for sunset and watch the best show nature has to offer, from a front row seat

3. The beach houses are so beautiful, so private and it truly feels like you have your own home on the most beautiful beach with the best Pacific North West view there is. There is a suite with a hot tub that overlooks the ocean, I have not stayed there YET. But one day.

4. Wake up for sunrise and go for a walk on the beach. You can go back to bed after but breathing in that morning ocean air is what is going to make the shift in you. Even if you need to bundle up and brave the rain. You are equipped for it all, nature will give you exactly what you need while you are staying there.

5. Take advantage of the bikes. You can reserve them at the front desk, ride it along the beach, its not your ordinary bike ride. It will make your day, trust me.

Nothing I love more then exploring Cox Bay. I legit almost arrive and try and not leave the zone for as long as I can. Storm watch is amazing from there as well as blue sky sunsets. The surfers are entertaining and every rock and view feels like natures gift. The show is free, the real show the show that changes you is right outside your balcony or patio or a few steps away while staying at this beach resort. Natures best Pacific North West style. This place is a must. I promise.


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