From bottle to beautiful, Rothy’s the recycled shoe

Monday 17 June


From bottle to beautiful Rothys my new favorite comfy shoes that are made out of recycled water bottles. You almost have to wear them to believe how comfy, soft and perfect they are. Sustainability can be this good.

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Sayulita is one of my favorite towns to visit. This was my fourth time there and every time I go it feels just as exciting and stimulating to the soul. The colors, the food and the people, the entire town feels like art. Yes it has become a bit more touristy but to be honest it still holds the same local vibe as it did 5 years ago.

Sayulita was the perfect day trip for us to go and explore with our new Rothys shoes. The number one rule I have for travel city exploration is comfort. Nothing can get in the way of experiencing a new place. So here are a few details to why I am Rothys newest biggest fan. First of all, they hold the same values as I do when it comes to giving back. Its cool to care you guys, and while sustainability use to mean compromising on comfort, function and even looks this is no longer the case. Rothys are made from single use plastic bottles. They have given 30 million plastic bottles an actual real purpose and kept them out of landfills and put them on our feet as timeless comfortable flats. They have 4 different styles, the flat, the loafer, the point and the sneaker, timelessness is key for sustainability cause even the shoe cant just be a single use trend. OK so what will make you want to wear them forever, comfort! Even in the heat and walking around a town my feet remained happy! Plus the colors are so cute and match everything, especially in those real summery places. So wear them from beach to night your feet will be thankful. PLUS when you get home, you can wash them! Yes they are also washable. So in summery these are the perfect pairs of timeless shoes you can own for years to come. Be part of a good cause, by buying fashion that cares about the planet, giving meaning to single use plastic and creating a movement that inspires other brands to evolve into living in unity with our planet!

In fact for world oceans day this weekend Rothys teamed up with an all female organization called, exxpedition which focuses on improving ocean health by raising awareness around the plastic problem through studying the effects of plastic in our oceans on women’s health. You can read all about their foundation here. As well as more facts on plastics in our oceans.

The lesson here, stop using single use plastics and try and stack your closet with brands like Rothys.


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