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Just when you think essential oils already bring you all the joy you could possibly hope for Vitruvi launches an all new dynamic skincare routine that incorporates essential oils with base oils to create your very own apothecary beauty routine. Learn all about it and shop the line within this post.…

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DIY a fresh new version of your every day moisturizer using Vitruvi essential oils, read on to learn more about this fresh little beauty hack. …

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How to; Diffuse your home with essential oils and create an aromatherapy environment in your own sanctuary.

SHOP: EXCITE the happy diffuser blend. 

SHOP: CREATE let your creative mind fly

Shop: CLEAN for that refreshing exhale feeling

Shop: RELAX for the after work wind me down

Shop the: Vitruvi Home collection and the all new Diffusers

Photos by Allison Kuhl

I could not be more honored to be returning as the Vitruvi Muse to launch part 2 of their home collection.…

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WAKE - Ritual

Aromatherapy Rituals have made waking up exciting, yes I said it. Sharing my daily rituals and how Aromatherapy has become so important in my day to day life.

The scent of coffee gets me out of bed in the morning and while taking in the morning rays with the help of caffeine the Wake Tonic helps me freshen my mind and get ready for whatever the day is about to hold.…

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Using inspiration from my travels across the world, I am so excited to be debuting my custom collection of fragrances I created with the incredible Vitruvi founder Sara Panton. The collection tells stories through scents, from each city I have been lucky enough to travel through this past year. 
Cape Town: Bottling the floral salt ridden air of Cape Town, clary sage and spearming bring a fresh ocean tone and carry the subtle tropical scent of ylang yang and flowers up grass banks from the windy beaches. …
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