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Style | 05 October
- Pants LF stores, Tee Aritzia, Bag Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes Matiko -

Shopping in Soho i finally found my perfect pleated pants at LF Stores been looking for these for all season already, don't you love it when you find something that looks exactly what you have pictured in your head? This cool ice cream stand is right by my house.…

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This last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to work with 6 local LA fashion bloggers on a shoot produced by Karen of Fashion Groupie. Every blogger showcased 3 looks from a different up and coming local designer. I am so blessed to have met such amazing girls at this event, everyone so interesting and talented!…
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Somehow inspired by natural beauty today. Maybe because I spent today in my PJ's ... not looking as beautiful as these stunners but thought I'd share my finds. Adore Gemma Ward and Bambi! I believe it takes more confidence and beauty to be naturally stunning than with make up and extravagant outfits.
Via Tumblr, KontraPlan

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Style | 24 September
- Stylestalker Blouse, Vintage Cut offs, Matiko Ai for Ai boots -
Day one Coterie outfit. Always a fun one to style, day two and three dwindle down due to tiredness! :-) Love this Blouse it is so perfect for crossing into Fall, Stylesalker is also one of my top brands right now, check out their site here, its killer...…
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Lifestyle | 23 September

Hi friends, sorry there has been a week of silence from me. Just got back from a couple days in NYC. Thought I would share some pictures from inside Coterie ENK. The denim booths this season where a stand out as always. Adriano Goldschmied killed it with the exterior, lining it with mini versions of all the AG styles.…

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