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Inspiration | 03 September

A Friday night pretty pastel colors. Even though it is now September first I still feel like pastel colors are my absolute fav. Maybe its cause I live in California, the seasons just never change.
Via: Little Plastic Horses, French by Design, Tiny Lights

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I grew up shopping the North Vancouver store religiously and over the passed couple months have been more excited about visiting their new store in Soho than going to New York itself. Their stores are like fashion museums and their in house brands Wilfred, Talula, TNA and T.Babaton are so on trend it is a one stop shop every season.…

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- LF shorts & Blouse, Matiko AI boots -
Finding a dreamy spot in Vegas is key to get through any late night and early morning. Mine is the rooms at the Encore. My first night outfit was inspired by its dreamy colors and just to throw in a touch of Vegas I had to add this exclusive color of the Matiko AI available on Sole Struck!…
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Inspiration | 21 August

Black and White art... So simple but always a go too for amazing pictures and inspiration. On my way to Vegas for 5 days for Magic so my next post will be full of lights and colors. Happy Sunday.
Via: tumblr, Little Plastic Horses

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I miss Gossip Girl. Watching reruns on a Friday night is just not cutting it anymore. I need some Serena drama in my life Stat!

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