Wednesday 12 June


You guys asked via Instagram and in collaboration with LULU*s, I answered…
Round 2 Summer Style question from Instagram user: @xsambam

I see so many people mixing patterns. What is the right way to mix different patterns to create an outfit.

Denim Jacket, Lucy Love Shorts, Shirt by Insight, Platform Wedges, Infiniti Knuckle Ring, Evil eye Bracelet

This weeks style session question with LuLu*s couldn’t have been a more perfect one to answer for this summer. Its all about colors and bold prints and I say, why not mix them into a bright fun outfit. Embrace your daring side and just go with it. Key ingredient to mixing prints and not looking like a hot mess to me is, have one tie in color, mine was black, and have one piece be bold and the second more of a two tone color way. An easy way to tone down your playful color pallet on an outfit day like this, is to throw a jacket over it. This denim jacket is ruling my life right now. It has every element I look for in a jean jacket that may as well be straight from the 90’s. Well, get print mixing, don’t be shy! Happy Wednesday! 

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