Bright cozy feels like this | Sunday Mood

Sunday 15 March


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 Bright and cozy: Images via Pinterest

With new beginnings comes a new inspirational series called “Sunday Mood”. I use to post inspirations on a much more regular basis and I miss it. My sunday morning ritual always consists of coffee and pinterest. Do you have a sunday ritual? Airy beauty, white sheets and everything that speaks of an easy breezy weekend mood is what this is . This weekend my mood strikes airy and cozy all in one, messy beds, free spirited thoughts and road trip getaway cars. Where will next weekend take me? I am hoping somewhere with a view from bed and a cute little coffee mug. Some where that leaves me only with thoughts that are positive and airy. My boy is coming to visit soon, so this I think is where these inspirations are going to come in handy. Where would your favorite place be to spend a snuggled up sunday. Cozy up cuties.

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