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Monday 02 March


Denim Overalls
The Avenue
Denim Overalls
The Avenue
Overalls Denim
Aritzia Sweater
Overalls from American Eagle, Sweater from Aritzia, Coat from Aritzia

Taking a trip down memory lane sometimes is good for the soul, this little Avenue has a piece off my heart. Introducing The Avenue also known as TobruckAve where it all began. While I am currently gearing up to launch the new TobruckAve I thought it would be nice to go back to the roots and show you all what the real Tobruck Ave actually looks like. Its a street in North Vancouver where I lived when I started the blog way back, I had no idea what to actually post on it, so I started it and kind of left it alone until a couple years later when the California dream inspired me to give it another go and believe in myself and my passion for this job as a digital influencer. Its taken me on an unbelievable ride so far and I can not wait to see where it goes in the future. Tobruck Ave is an amazing little street, that is lined by trees with this beautiful park is right beside it. The trail is the perfect walk to catch some fresh air and clear your mind of all kinds of things. Photos by Alivia

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