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Tuesday 19 May


Aromatherapy Ritual

Aromatherapy Ritual VitruviAromatherapy Ritual CoffeeVitruvi

WAKE – Ritual

Aromatherapy Rituals have made waking up exciting, yes I said it. Sharing my daily rituals and how Aromatherapy has become so important in my day to day life.

The scent of coffee gets me out of bed in the morning and while taking in the morning rays with the help of caffeine the Wake Tonic helps me freshen my mind and get ready for whatever the day is about to hold. Its a moment of recharge that I can not live without anymore.

Aromatherapy RitualVitruviVitruvi Work Place Vitruvi FocusVitruvi

FOCUS – Ritual

My office desk is a focus spot in my place. A place that creativity must flow and a focused mind needs to keep me on track from diverting my attention to less important things. Working for yourself takes a lot of self motivation. Surrounding myself with the Focus scent, completes my part of the day that means, OK now we are getting down to business.

StillVitruvi StillMeditateIMG_2055Still Vitruvi

STILL – Ritual

It is impossible to stay fully focused all day. Wether it is meditating taking a relax break and a breather it needs to be done. My getaway from my lap top, is often the couch, with a spritz of my Still scent, it takes me to a place of relaxation during the day and helps me focus on another round of work before play.

Aroma VitruviVitruviAroma Therapy

SLEEP – Ritual

I get so excited to lay in bed take out my Vitruvi Aromatherapy bottle and spritz some sleep and tranquility into the air. This is what got me addicted to Aromatherapy tonics. The deep breath of this botanical tonic before drifting into a deep sleep makes me feel comfort no matter where I am.

Aromatherapy has become so important in my day to day life. I just recently discovered the benefits of weaving these scents into your day as a ritual and I have been dying to share my story. As mentioned above it all began with using a STILL spritz of Vitruvi before falling asleep. My brain and body quickly adjusted to that meaning comfort and tranquility. Soon after beginning my sleep ritual that began with Vitruvi I moved around to 3 different apartments within about 2 months. What kept me feeling comfort and well being before drifting off to sleep in different places and beds was this scent. Naturally, I began to believe in the effect of botanicals shaping your life. So each phase in my day now has its own scent and I can’t help but feel excitement for each just because of the incredible smell that comes with it. Highly recommend using Aromatherapy for traveling. It makes any spot feel like home. Shop the rituals and read my interview with Vitruvi blog now. Photos by the amazing Brit Gil

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